My Political Compass

(Originally posted October 6, 2012 )

Several years ago I did this survey with some friends who visit this blog, but considering this blog's new focus, I think it's worth another look.

The Political Compass gauges not only the "Left" and "Right" leanings on an economic scale, but also on the level of government involvement, which the site refers to as a social scale. Overall, I think that the site does a good job of objectively describing the different locations on the grid from a political science perspective.

It also plots the location of well known political/economic figures from the 20th Century, which is great to put the grid into context. In addition, it plots the positions of world leaders.

Here, I think that website demonstrates a slight skew to the left, meaning that some of the current figures appear further right than you might expect. However, the site makes the determination based on their actions rather than their stated positions. When thinking of politicians, this is reasonable, but it doesn't necessarily take their working environment into account.

So, where are you on The Political Compass? Click Here to take the test. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that my most recent score was a -1.25 Economic/-4.75 Social. That will make a lot more sense to you once you take the test and read the analysis.

Let us know how you scored and what you think of the test.


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