Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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America Has a New President Elect

I have to say how proud I am of the two statesmen that we had running for President of the United States.

Both men had speeches to make tonight. Either of them could have made the transition of power very difficult, keeping the country divided. However, both men showed how civilized they are and how much they care for this country of ours. They were both gracious and eloquent in their speeches tonight. I would have been proud to have either one as my president.

Senator McCain, thank you for your conciliatory words in your concession speech. How much better would this country be right at this moment if Al Gore and John Kerry had been able to do the same.

And huge congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama! Your speech was magnanimous and awe inspiring. You said the things that the people of this country and around the world needed to hear. America can still live up to its ideals where anything is possible.

This is a seminal moment in America's history. I'm so glad that I was able to see it. It made me proud to be an American.


Feeling the pride here too.

and hoping for as PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA said - 'one United States of America'

thanks for taking part yesterday :)

This is indeed a great time to be alive. I was moved by the feelings of the African-American commentators that I saw last night. It was a story that you tried to tell about your son and greeting cards. I understood it on a surface level, but I just didn't get it until I saw their faces and heard their words.

People at the height of their profession intellectually understood the ideals that I take for granted. One of those is that anyone in America can grow up to be president. But they didn't believe it. I could see the dawning of realization come over their faces. It could be their dream, their children's dream too. It was then that I realized how blind I've been.

Make no mistake. I wanted Obama to win. I thought it was a vital step that this country needed to take in order to show how much we've grown into our ideals of equality. It was one of the reasons that I voted for him. However, I didn't realize that it was even more important than I could have possibly imagined, to make people feel that they have a stake in the country in a way that they never did before.

I was so inspired by the events of Tuesday night. It was a good day and I'm looking forward to getting started on the work that is ahead of this country.

It's good to have something to be inspired by again. :)

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