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Current Favorite Movie This Year

Ask me if I want to see a movie that is considered "Meh" by the critics, and if it's anything like RED, I'll say yes every time.  Here we have a movie with Bruce Willis (love him), Helen Mirren (love her), John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss, and Karl Urban.  It's a action/comedy.  I would almost call it a Bruckheimer Special*.  Come to think of it, I don't know who the producer is.  I'll have to check that out. (eta: He wasn't the producer.)

The basic story is crafted for baby-boomers who are reaching retirement age who feel that they are being kicked out by the young whipper-snappers, while they still feel strong enough to throw a few punches.  It's a classic plot.  In a way, it's Big Jake.  But you know what?  It still works.  Especially when you have witty, pithy dialogue.  And no one does wise cracking everyman better than Bruce Willis.  Even when "everyman" is a retired CIA black-ops officer.

Maybe it's just that I've been in love with Bruce Willis since he stared in Moonlighting in the 80s.  It's true, but I have actually seen him in things that I didn't like.

But I like all the other people too.  The professional women were strong and confident.  They were greatly respected by their male co-workers.  The men were competent yet still caring.  The characters are great.  The plot pacing was great.  The images were great.  I mean what could be more striking than Helen Mirren in an evening gown and red lipstick firing a machine gun?

How can you go wrong?  Loooooooved It!

ETA:  I found it interesting (and great) that "Bruce Willis has revealed that he threatened to walk out of latest film, RED, if producers cut 'sexy' scenes of Dame Helen Mirren with a gun," according to the Daily Mail. I'm appalled that he felt that he had to take that stand.  You may or may not like this genre of film, but if you're going to have it, keeping Helen out of the fun seems agist, sexist, or both.

* I define a "Bruckheimer Special" as an action/adventure movie that is high on explosives and has characters heavy with snappy dialogue.  It's forumlaic, but it's a formula that works.  They include Beverly Hills Cop, Armageddon, and Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few. (Actually, I checked out his resume over at IMDb, and I'm amazed at all how many of my favorite films Bruckheimer's been involved with.)


I've not seen the movie but given the cast, I have to! And like you, I've adored Bruce Willis since Moonlighting and have a lot of Bruckheimer movies in my DVD collection!

Larisa....she can post LOL How are ya? Long time no see a post here and then it's about a movie...pffft. Oh well. Glad you enjoyed it. You know this is the second post today I've seen on this movie. HERE is the other one. You know I don't do movies...why you might ask? Well even if you don't Spike's gonna tell ya. I snore. I drool. And no closed captioning. LOL Have a great week ahead. Study hard :0

Pffft...i forgot...MWAH xoxoxxo

Quilly: I already went to see it a second time today. Now, I'll have to placate myself until it comes out on DVD. :)

Spike: My "friend" Craig says he doesn't like to go to the movies either. He says that all the popcorn there smells to him like hamsters. lol You fall asleep at the movies? I can only imagine what you would do at church. I nearly nodded off this morning myself. LOL Mwah! xxoo

We saw it this past weekend and loved it! Part of the attraction for me was to see Dame Helen in the role. She was terrific. And of course, John Malkovic does psychotic wacko so well.

Kudos to Bruce for standing up for Helen Mirren and her ageless sexiness
Lordy Lordy that woman is amazing!!

incredible cast all around

I love Bruce on Letterman, never been a fan of his movies - he's one of those where I like his persona off screen more than on screen

I want to see this so much. it is rare that a film has all actors i like. I think Helen Miren is fantastic. The movie just looks like so much fun.

my favorite movie is The Mask and Bruce Almighty. i just love this movie.i am also a huge fan of jim Carrey and i think he is the best comedy actor in the world no one is better then Jim Carrey last month i watched I love you phillip morris movie and once again Jim Carrey proved himself in this movie that he is the king of comedy.but now i am going to download the tree of life movie.hope it will be a great movie to watch.

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