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Hello From Idaho

Yes, I've been quite remiss in posting. I shouldn't expect that there's anyone out there listening anymore as my posts have been so sporadic. But I'm finally in my apartment and have internet access.  I'll be honest. I was never really without internet access during this whole ordeal, but it's much harder to sit and have the energy to post when you're not in your normal space with your normal equipment. It might be physically possible, but everything is so much harder that it's hard to get excited about it.

But enough whining! I'm in my space. I have a new Autumn theme for my blog, and I have pictures to share ... a few at least. lol

I officially live in the Rocky Mountains ... something that I've always wanted to do.  (Well, I don't know that I always wanted to live here, but I did always want to visit at least. I guess, we could consider it an extended visit of sorts.)

There's some things that I liked right off the bat.  One of which is the blue skies ... reminds me of home.
But it certainly is a lot bumpier than back in Odessa, Texas, which was essentially flat as a pancake. This next one is the view down the driveway of the house where I stayed for the first few weeks.
One of the most extraordinary things about the area is the amount of deer there are around. When I was driving up in my U-Haul, I received several warnings to beware of the deer on the road. And even in town, they are quite used to being around people.

Here's one that spent almost every afternoon underneath the stairs of the deck of that house I stayed in. 
I was not three feet away from her. However, we were separated by glass. I went into the laundry room one day, and she was just lying there calm as you please. She and her baby were in the yard all the time, and it wasn't uncommon to see six or seven around at any particular time.

I've seen deer before, of course, but I've never seen them behave this way except in petting zoos. I'm thinking that there must not be too much hunting locally. They don't seem to be afraid of people at all. The impression that I got from them as they watched me was more along the lines of, "What are you doing in our yard?"  And this one under the deck kind of reminded me of my mother's dog. It certainly is different here.

So, I'll take a pause in the story here. Hopefully, this is not an aberration, and I'll have the time and energy to post more often. It's not like I'm writing five papers a week anymore. See you around the school yard.


Spikey likey. It's beautiful there Larisa. I'm so happy for you :) MWAH xoxoxo

so nice to see a new post
and such beautiful photos

I'd love having deer around the place

Spike: Thanks! Hope the job's going well and your Hawaiian family. :) Mwah! xxoo

Dianne: The deer are really cool. :)

My folks had their own herd of deer when they had property here in Washington State. It started with just a couple that would wander across their property from the forest across the lane toward the river. Then every season there were one or two fawns. When they finally sold the place and moved south, the herd had 9...a few does with younguns ranging from 1 to 3 years.

One of the does actually had her fawn in a small thicket not 25 yards from the house. My mom used to say that deer know which property is posted against hunting.

Travis: Yeah, deer get a reputation for being dumb because they stand and stare at cars as they come rushing to hit the deer ... But maybe they're not so dumb after all. They have survived with the great species eradicator of humans around all these millennia. lol

WHERE in Idaho? I am only one state away, you know. Plus, my hometown, Coeur d'Alene, is in Idaho.

Looks a lot like my neck of the woods! Beautiful!

I think you'll like the Rockies with its abundant wildlife: the winters, maybe not so much. Wait until you get that 6 foot snowstorm. ;) Though, judging from the lovely photos you posted, it looks like it might be fairly dry where you are so probably won't get that much snow. Even just a few miles down the road from where I live there is an area known as "the banana belt" that hardly gets any snow at all. I might have to see what homes are for sale there. LOL

Lisa: Yeah, this is definitely supposed to be a more arid area. Avg precipitation is about the same here as it was in West Texas. And with low humidity too, you'll hear no complaints from me. :)

Sounds like the best of both worlds!

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