Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Ruby Tuesday - Stockings

Christmas is coming ... Christmas is coming! AND it's Tuesday. It must be time for some fun and games. I haven't participated in Ruby Tuesday for a while, but today's the day. It is a lot of fun and hosted @ Work of the Poet. Please, visit over at her place to see all the lovely selections.

This picture is from my mother's house last year. As you can see, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. You can also see our redneck showing though Jr's NASCAR number is now out of date. ;)

Hope that you're able to keep the stress level to a minimum, so that you can actually enjoy the season.



I'm so envious of your fireplace...you must have some warm and wonderful evenings spent in front of it!
It all looks lovely with the wreath and stockings and the nutcrackers...and the poinsettia plant with it's red wrapping...beautifully red and wonderfully inviting!
Mine's up too....but not a holiday one yet...


That's a gorgeous fireplace and some great decorations!

That's a great wall and fireplace.

But where's my stocking? !!

That's a beautiful hearth! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Bella - I'll pass that on to my mother. She worked very hard to get it "just right." :) Thanks!

Stacy - Thanks so much!

David - Yours is third from the left. I hope you like dog biscuits. ;)

Mary - Happy Ruby Tuesday to you too! Thanks for hosting.

Oh boy - I love your fireplace! How could Santa resist?

the third stocking over looks very plush - sexy even!!

great fireplace

People - Yeah, Santa loved it so much that he stopped by early. :)

Dianne - Mmmmm ... velvet. :)

I love that fireplace! And it's cool that all the stockings are different. Everyone should get to pick out their own stocking.

I've got to admit that my mother gets the credit for that too. It seems that every year she finds some new ones to add to the mix, except for the NASCAR one. I got that one for my step-dad. ;) But I'm CERTAIN that he likes it better than those girly ones. :)

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