Friday, April 24, 2009

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Friday's Fave Five

I’ve been having a good time illustrating my Fave Five, lately. I think that it makes it more fun. I feel like a bum for not doing it this week, but those pesky limitations of time and space do take a hold of me sometimes. (But truth be told, it’s limitations of the grey matter. lol)

Okay, here’s my Fave Five things from this week! As always, these are in no particular order …

1) Okay, this might sound a little materialistic, but one of my favorite things was a little movement in the cash flow. It was desperately needed, and it came at just the right time. Thank you God.

2) Spending time with far-flung friends all around the world on this magical device that we call a computer. I really spend far too much time on it, but I realized that in my isolated circumstances at the moment, it gives me the opportunity to be social. I never realized what a social creature I really am. lol

3) Sunshiny blue skies most of the week. Now that the vegetation is getting fuller and greener all the time, the combination with the blue can make my heart sing even when I am most depressed.

4) Laughter Therapy. It relieves stress, gets the blood flowing, and just makes everything feel good. I’m very thankful that I get to engage in it every day.

5) Making pictures pages with my friends (aka Scrapbooking). I’m not sure that I got anything accomplished, but I had a lot of fun laughing with them.

Have a great weekend!

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Sun shiny blue skies?! Oh, please, what do they look like? I've not seen any in ages. All it does here is RAIN!

Sun and blue skies, lots of laughter, and fun with pictures? Yep!! Sounds like a great week! I hope the next one will be just as good as this one! Enjoy the weekend!

Quilly you gest...we've had beautiful weather here until yesterday and today pffft social butterfly you..And you (again feeble attempt) palay vou france' ... cool. Any extra money coming in is great. And think of it this way...socializing on the computer is better than being criminal or even a lawyer LOL. Laughter therapy...everyone should try it. Excellent FFF

God does indeed provide.
Friends are part of that provision.
He gave you more sunshine than us.
Melli has been here so we have had much laughter therapy.
My daughter is very much into scrap booking.She tells us its a great hobby.
I guess you had a great week.

A fine and fun five
m'dear :)

Sounds like a wonderful week.

Scrapbookking is fun. Another good week.





Where is Cherie?

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