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Friday's Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five is about reviewing your week and just post about 5 favorite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favorite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, etc., etc. Be as detailed as you like, the more detail the more fun for those visiting. Head over to Living to Tell the Story, grab the button, and make your own post!

Where did this week get to? I can’t believe that I have not posted in a week! March was a record month for me. Heck, I even scheduled posts for when I was out of town! But this week, nothin’. But no matter what happened, whether it’s a good week or a bad one, everyone has favorite things from it. So, here we go! (In no particular order …)

1. A post by the Amoeba titled “Save Mine: Plunder Yours” – I think what I liked most about it was a willingness to call Hypocrisy on groups whose stated purpose is the good of the world. One of my pet peeves is some group who wants to set up some rules for me that it has no intention of following itself. And hey, anyone who can use a Bill Cosby quote as an illustration is okay in my book.

2. Watching the video from the 4th Week of Beth Moore’s Esther Bible Study – This video had a profound effect on me. It was highlighting when Esther went from being afraid of being executed for coming unbidden into the king’s presence to assuming an attitude of, “If I die, I die” to save her people. It was the recognition that the most frequent command of the Bible is “Do not be afraid,” or “Fear not.” Yet, it is one of the ones that is the hardest to obey. I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks being afraid, the most notable being the fear of failure in various forms. I needed to hear this, and it helped me let go of the fear … for now. ;)

3. Hearing Beth Moore (a Baptist) quoting from one of my favorite Christian authors, N.T. (Tom) Wright, (an Anglican Bishop). – She was quoting from his book, Following Jesus, “Can you imaging living without fear? The nagging feeling that everything is about to go horribly wrong.” I know that I’m taking two items on this fear thing, but it was significant. And man, that quote just says it all for me. It’s such a statement on the human condition. It also helped me to see the lie in it. It helped me to find strength in the Lord.

4. Nessa’s Poem – I am jealous of people who can write poetry. My brain just doesn’t work that way. Nessa will be writing a lot of poems through the month of April as a part of a Poem a Day Challenge. I was especially taken with the one titled “Outside Looking In.” I’m not sure that I can explain it. I’m not sure that I have to. ;)

5. I have a new dance student! – She’s a little more advanced than the others I’ve worked with as of late. I love all of my students, but this allows me to pull some stuff out of the back of the closet, known as my brain. It’s fun. (She also wants to get her fiancĂ© involved, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. lol)

So that's my five! Have a blessed weekend! :)


Imagine my surprise when I wander over here to finally add your feed to my reader, and I find my love is your number one Friday Fave. He's always my fave. Thanks for promoting his post!

I am honored you mentioned me in your list. Thank-you and I am glad you enjoyed.

Wonderful FFF. Very nice of you to share and mention others in your posts. Have a great weekend. :)

Nessa is indeed a great writer!
Are you a dance teacher?
I love to dance.

that quilly

so silly

and always wandering. ...

Every Thursday night when I realize I have to get my FFF post together, I think "Where has the week gone?!". LOL.

I am so wanting to do that Beth Moore study. I'll have to bring that up to our ladies group!

Thanks for posting the comments about fear. Do I ever need them this week (says Willow who has been lying awake at night).

I adore Beth Moore! I so love all her teachings. My favorite is her study on King David, so far. Haven't seen the Esther one yet. Anyway, sounds like you had a good week. Yay, on having another student join you. God bless you and have a great weekend.

Its always good to find a student that can challenge you.

Are you a dance instructor?

I love Beth Moore studies as well. She seems to take a lot of time preparing her teaching and always has such amazing things to say.

Quilly: I calls 'em like I sees 'em. :)

Nessa: I look forward to your entries for the rest of the month!

Thom: Right back at ya!

Jientje: Yes, ballroom dancing's my thing. I love it!

sauerkraut: Indeed she is! lol Thanks for dropping by! :)

Susanne: I think the Esther study is my favorite yet. Though I really liked Stepping Up.

Willow: Oh poor dear. I'll be praying for you.

Jerralea: God Bless You too! :)

Dr. John: Yes, a challenging student makes the teacher better.

Brenda: Yes, I've been teaching ballroom dancing on and off for almost 20 years now. I love it. And yes, Beth is a wonder. I don't always agree with everything she says, but she has such a joy for the Lord!

I've heard so many good things about that particular Beth Moore study...I really want to do it.

Great list. Hope the rest of your weekend is an enjoyable one.

A very literary list! A poem a day for a month? I'm going to have to come back and do some blog hopping from your list just to check out some of those who can actually do that!

I'd love to learn ballroom dancing - and have the chance to use what I learn!

Thanks for stopping by my list!

thank you for your nice comments on my fave five. love your list, too! teach dance? is it ballroom dancing that you teach? my hubby and I took some lessons for about 10 weeks through our of our pastors and his wife taught the ballroom. it was so much fun we wanna do it again! enjoy your weekend

What an ecouraging list, Cherie. Number five made me miss dancing. Mr. Knightley and I took ballroom dancing lessons over a decade ago, and we need to start cutting a rug again. :-)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my first FFF post. It sounds like you had a great week. I always wanted to take ballroom dancing but just never got around to it. I'll have to add that to my bucket list!

You know, of all the bible study classes I have taken, I have never been through an entire Beth Moore. I always seemed to be unavailable when they were going on at my church.

Have a wonderful week!

Jamie: I highly recommend it!

Karyn: Oh, I stand in awe of those poets. I think that Nessa, Quilly, and Dr. John at least are participating in this April challenge.

Faith: I think that ballroom dancing is one of the most fun things that there is, but admittedly, I'm partial. ;)

Correspondent: It's like riding a bicycle. :)

Marsha: Not that I'm trying to be Ms. Moore's PR agent, but ... most (if not all) of her studies also are published as regular books and devotionals for private study. They are also wonderful and might work better for you. But, of course, not all studies speak to all people. Isn't it wonderful that there are such a wide variety from which to choose. :)

Nice to meet you via FFF, Cherie! I think your observations and new understanding in #2 and #3 are well worth listing for the week.

Nikki: So true, and if I could get my heart to listen to my brain when I tell it that, oh gosh. What a day that would be. The heart doesn't seem to understand logic at all! LOL

Great list. Oh how i love to do the Beth Moore Bible studies. She is a great teacher.
So from your #5 I assume you teach dance? I'm thinking of learning a dance.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

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