Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Three Word Thursday

This is hosted Quilly's Pacific Paradise, and we use antique words in (hopefully) wild and wonderful ways. Stop by Quilly's place to check out all of the creative geniuses.

This week's words:
  • bacchante 1. A priestess or female follower of Bacchus
  • queachy 1. Yielding or trembling under the feet, as moist or boggy ground; shaking; moving. 2. Like a queach; thick; bushy. [a "queach" is: A thick, bushy plot; a thicket.]
  • jibber 1. To move all around in a chaotic fashion 2. someone/something who moves all around in a chaotic fashion.

And a one ... and a two ....

Down for the Count
The bawdy bacchante blew out of the bar as if she treaded upon a queachy quagmire. She jibbered here and there jangling with all her jewels, pitching to and fro as if on a ship during a high gale. Soon she was snoring on a sofa, but tomorrow, she would discover the wages of sin.


Very funny. The wages of sin are painful.

Short sweet and too the point with the words. Great job.

Very good story. The moral is very clear.

She will pay for too much. Good story.

Short, to the point and funny! I like it. LOL!

Btw, I found your first comment in my spam folder and pulled you out!

Nessa: One way or another, they always seem to catch up with you in the end. lol

Thom: Brevity is not usually my strong suit. Glad you liked it!

Stacy: Yeah, it is fun, and it can be done in so many ways.

Dr. John: Thanks!

Betty: Too much or not enough. lol

Quilly: So glad you found it. Thought I was going crazy there for a while. (Crazier than normal that is. lol)

Now you write more like a dragon. Short, to the point and almost perfect.
We have posted.

Fandango: High praise indeed! :)

Jientje: So kind of you to say so.

Cherie, I very much enjoyed this story. Short and sweet, great use of Quilly's 3 words. Well done.

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