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Sunday Stealing: The Negativity Meme

Sunday Stealing is a great place where they scour the internet looking for new meme's to swipe. This week they honored Flea @ Flea's World. Check 'em out!

Sunday Stealing: The Negativity Meme

A food which disgusts the crap out of me:
fried onions
TV show I loathe:
Jerry Springer
Movie I loathe:
Pretty Woman
Music genres I [generally] loathe:
Heavy metal
Magazine which annoys me:
Makes me cranky at restaurant:
bad service
Makes me cranky in public:
People who talk on their cellphones at full voice like they think that they're the only people there.
Makes me cranky in general:
Being late
Pisses me off at home:
When something breaks on a weekend, and you can't get it fixed until the following week.
Pisses me off at work:
Changing the goal posts just after you finished the assignment and management acting like it isn't the first time they're telling you. (When you have the proof to the contrary in writing.)
Pisses me off in general:
Domestic violence
Makes me impatient at home:
When I've been ordered to be ready at a particular time, but "the boss" makes us wait.
Makes me impatient at work:
Someone continuing their personal phone call when I'm standing in front of their desk to talk business.
Makes me impatient in public:
Traffic jams.
Celebrity I despise:
Angelina Jolie
Musical artist I despise:
I don't know that I have a musical artist that I care enough about to "despise".
I couldn't care less about:
What Al Gore or Rush Limbaugh thinks about global warming
Annoys the crap out of me weekdays:
D.C. traffic
Annoys the crap out of me weekends:
That I didn't get half of what I wanted to accomplish.
Blogger's habit that annoys you:
Promises to be more consistent with their blogging. (I find it especially annoying when I do it. LOL)
Feature on your blog you despise:
That comments can't be edited.
Movie star you despise:
Didn't I already answer this question? (Angelina Jolie)
Politician that you despise:
I'm having a difficult time thinking of a politician that I don't despise.

Through this I've been able to detect a few trends. Things that make me happy: doing what you say you're going to do and having consideration for my time. Trust me, I'd do it for you. :)

Now, that I have all that off my chest, I can wish you a great Sunday and a great week! ;)


Hmmm, most everybody I know would like me to be less consistent in my blogging. Maybe cut it back to once or twice per day.

Loud cell phone talkers irritate the heck out of me, too. Especially since they are usually standing right where I need to be while they're chatting away.

My Sunday was already off to a less than optimal start when Amoeba woke me at 5:45 so I could get dressed and take him to the airport. He's going to Kona for 4 days.

I loved Pretty Woman, Can't stand Angelina Jolie...those lips...pffft Jerry Springer show was one of my all time favs. Spike loves that trailer park trash LOL Politicians I so agree with you. :) Great answers. Especially Domestic Violence :) MWAH!!!

ACK!!! Where are my manners. There something for you on my blog Larisa :) MWAH!!!!!

Quilly: He's flown back already? No fair. :) (I realize that it's not his fault.) ;)

Thom: Well, the good news is that it looks like Brad Pitt's back on the market ... if you're interested. (And thank you!) :) Mwah!

Oh what fun! I love most of your answers. Especially the Al Gore/Rush Limbaugh response. :)

Flea: Thanks for stopping by and having such a great meme! It's the best one that I've seen in weeks. :)

At last! Another female who hates Pretty Woman.

Stacy: It always struck me as advocating prostitution as the best way to find a mate, and that didn't exactly set well with me ... That and Julia Roberts annoys the heck out of me. She almost beat out Angelina Jolie for most despised movie star. ;)

I'm glad you were able to get all that out, Cherie. LOL! I'm tempted to fill out that list for myself but I really don't need more things to be cranky about at this point. Though I'm with you on Jerry Springer and Cosmo but I absolutely love fried onions. :)

I may have to do this one. i can always think of things I don't like.


Very interesting . Now we know more about you in a negative sort of way.

Lisa: I always wanted to like fried onions. I love how they smell, but the stomach never went for it. LOL

Nessa: Yeah, after I saw it over at Thom's I couldn't resist. :)

Dr. John: Very true. LOL :)

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