Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Skywatch Friday

Yeah, it's Thrusday. I know, details ... details. For some reason, I don't know why, the good people @ Skywatch decided that the posting window should start at 7:30 PM GMT. I don't even know where the admin from that place is. It's only 3 hours since we could begin, and already there are 170 people ahead of me. For one thing, it shows the popularity of the site, but it also discourages me from participating for some strange reason. I mean, who's going to bother coming to this ramshakle little blog when there are 170 in front of me. And there's no way that I can go and comment on that many other sites, not to mention the hundreds more that will probably go up by tomorrow.

So ... what does that all mean? It means that I still want to post something, but I'm not putting it on the list. It means that no one will probably see this entry at all because this blog is too new. (Though I may link it from my other websites, but that's probably not saying much either. lol) So without further adieu (Is that useage correct? lol), my Skywatch Friday entry, a pretty little thing that I snapped while at Sandhills State Park, several weeks ago. Enjoy! :)


I love sand dunes! Little mountains. The sky is gorgeous.

I don't do SW every week. Just twice so far, I do it when the feeling strikes me.

I do think you should link yourself! Lots of people go thru the list looking for new blogs. Others try to rotate who they visit - that's what I do.

Also if you're into sharing some photography consider Ruby Tuesday - click on 'work of the poet' on my sidebar

Or Creative Photography - click on the badge on my sidebar

Both are smaller and more intimate especially Creative Photography.

I visit you all the time looking for new posts!

I thought of you today when I posted a link to Craig.

Do you really? I'll have to be more active here then. :) I have been working on my book more though. Two days in a row ... I know! LOL

I think that I'll save the linkage for next week. I've been saving up a super sunset shot. This week's was a last minute replacement, but I'm glad you like it. :)

I must say that I really liked your Ruby Tuesday for last week, I think. It was b&w with the pug and the red toy. It was awesome!

Yes I really LOL

But working on the book comes first, especially if you did 2 days in a row, isn't that very hard for a writer. I have a problem with 2 hours in a row, I have to stop to visit blogs or play games.

Look forward to the sunset pic. And think about one of the other photo projects

and did you see Jeff put up the new POW pics.

The only problem with working on the book daily is having the energy to be creative. But usually, I can be good for a while if I can get into a groove. I've been making a habit with some other projects. I'm trying to do the same thing with the book. Having too many irons in the fire is a convenient excuse. I'm tired of excuses. One of the rationalizations that I'm giving myself for not getting a proper job is so that I can work on the book, but that doesn't work if I don't actually do it! LOL

Speaking of that, I don't know if I told you, but I've had a huge influx of new dance students. So, that's letting me afford to not get a proper job at the moment.

And I did see the new PoW pics. Very different from last month's. That's another reason that I know that I can work on the book if I choose to. I effortlessly wrote a couple of pages on that. This one's going to be very different for me than the last one. I'm so glad that you pointed me in the PoW direction. Got all my creative juices flowing again. :)

How's das boot coming along?


I know what you mean about posting along with so many others. You feel like you're lost in the shuffle. I guess that's part of the bittersweet irony of a popular blog.

Anyhoodle, I came by to see if you had a new post and was greeted by this beautiful sky.

So glad that you enjoyed it! Have a great week! :)

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