Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Skywatch Friday - Those West Texas Skies

It's that time again, and I even remembered at the right time. Please, stop by SkyWatch Friday to check out all of the ways that people observe their world.

I love living in West Texas, and one of my favorite things is the sky is almost always amazing. I grew up in a place that was cloudy almost all of the time, and not that the clouds of an overcast sky can't be interesting, but it can get a bit samey.

But now I live here, where everyday I can look up and find a masterpiece. It calms me and excites me at the same time. This particular sky was back in January of this year just a couple days after I drove through the icestorm that plagued the midwest for at least a week. It is amazing what a difference what a couple of days can make.


Amazing colors, espeically the purprle. Great pic and thanks for sharing.


WOW! Those are amazing colors! Thanks for sharing this beauty!~My SWF is posted HERE. Have a great day!~

That is a gorgeous sunset! Happy skywatch! fire...
Kisses barbara

Awesome shot. Excellent colors. Well captured :-)

We never see colours like that here! Lucky you - simply amazing. :D

That is such a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy SkyWatch Friday!

Thanks for all of the supportive comments! If I haven't been by yet to see your submissions, I will be ... probably on Friday. :)

With all the posting on Thursday, I think that I'll have to just calling it Skywatch. lol

Thanks again!

A gloriously colourd sky, just great.

Beautiful colors.
Great reflection! :)

Gorgeous! Wonderful colors!

oh cherie this is such a beautiful photo. I love the way it looks like layers of amazing color!!

I'm so behind, esp when you've been so kind with your comments. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :)

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