Monday, December 1, 2008

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World AIDS Day

I had a couple of topics to write about today, but this one trumps them all. HIV/AIDS is such a prolific killer around the world today that everything else pales by comparison. It is an equal opportunity killer. It will attack anyone regardless of sex, race, or religious affiliation. And yet, the last I heard (several months ago), we still had governments that refuse to acknowledge that the disease exists. The country to which I refer is South Africa, who's population is besieged by AIDS. If I recall correctly, China is also trying to pretend that the problem doesn't exist.

As bad as any war, it is creating a generation without parents. This is especially true in areas of the world where society is already teetering on the edge of collapse. What are these children going to do when they grow-up? These are the conditions where extremism is born. Doesn't the world already have enough of that? (Think about that the next time you consider that AIDS is not your problem because you're not in an "at risk" group.)

This is not just a disease that affects "other people." But even if it did, aren't they still people? Don't they deserve the same compassion and consideration as anyone else?

To see a moving example of the tragedy of AIDS with a human face, please visit Maithri @ The Soaring Impulse


wonderful post Cherie

and thank you for linking to Maithri, he is a very special person

He's such a beautiful writer.

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