Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Caught in the Act

Life is getting back to normal, whatever that means, and I’ve been noticing how quiet things have been at my regular haunts on the interwebs. Then, I came back to my little happy home, and I realize that I too have been coasting along after weeks of frenzied activity online.

While taking a break from my offline frenzy, I came across this picture that is the very definition of being “caught in the act.”

You probably thought I was trying to be artistic catching my water bottle like that. Au contraire! LOL My multi-cultural studies had taken me to Paris. I know you’re thinking, “How convenient!” Truth be told it was more of an amateur adventure (i.e. vacation). Never the less, I was trying to capture the ambiance of a favorite café surreptitiously. Then, at the moment of truth, when I took the picture I realized that I forgot to turn off the flash! Curses! But I quickly moved the camera before the natives had a chance to figure out what was going on.

Within a several seconds, things had returned to normal, and I was able to get my shot. I give you the Café Roussillon!


I remember when you wrote about this and it is much as I imagined!!

Good times ... Good times. :)

Normal...Hmmmm, please explain this word to me.

I think it's one of those made up words like for Blogger Word Verification. LOL The word over at Dr. John's for me right now is "nonesse". LOLOL

I loved both pictures and the explanation.

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