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I find the idea of Wordles fascinating. I see people with tags on their posts, clouds of them on their sidebars, and I am intrigued in much the same way I am with a piece of abstract art. What does it all mean? What does it tell me about the author? But usually I find myself overwhelmed and dazed before I accomplish anything.

So one day, as I'm wandering around the blogoshere I come across a link to this WORDLE site. (I'm sorry. I forget where.) Finally, a place that not only explains what they really are but allows me to make my very own without the stress of tag creation. Joy!

What does this abstract portrait say about me? "Thing" is the biggest word, so it must be very important. It also has the plural of "things." I never realized that I was so materialistic. LOL

Excellence is significant as "best" is displayed prominently. Or it could just mean that I have expensive taste. (Tis true, but I thought that I was doing a better job at hiding it.)

I love that "BORING" made the cut. I know that I only used the word that way once (all caps), but I was emphatic about it. I had resolved not to be boring, but I'm not quite sure that I've conquered that yet.

And then, "Christmas" is displayed front and center. I couldn't have asked for a better placement (though I did cycle through a few "random" clusters). It is very important to me for a variety of reasons, but here's the thing ... Hmmm, I use that expression quite often. Could that be why "thing" won as most frequent word? Maybe, I'm not that materialistic after all ... Anyway, I was just playing around during the Christmas season. I wasn't getting all deep and religious about it or anything. Ah, but that's the thing about abstract art, it delves into your psyche and pulls out the hidden truths. *cue Twilight Zone music here*

So what do you think? Is it significant? Does it reveal the real me? What would your Wordle say about you? Are you brave enough to find out? ;)


Very interesting. I can see your love of things growing until you have everything or at least the best of everything.

LOL - Of course, there's a wide variety on the definition of "the best of everything" isn't there? Right now that means having the people around me that I love. :)

Fun! I want to try it. I just tried, but the site is not working for me (might be a firewall issue at work?)

I think "minion" will make the cut for my blog. I don't know what else will though.

Is it just me or are your positive words on the left and less positive ones on the right?

Now that you mention it, the more positive words do appear to be mostly on the left. However, I think that is just a coinsidence. :)

The clustering is supposed to be random, and I reset it several times until the general shape was the way I liked. (It didn't change any of the content only the arrangement.) But the website gives you lots of options to stylize it in a wide variety of ways.

I also turned the image on my computer so that it would be portrait rather than landscape.

I put in my blog url

made me laugh

"seems" came out the largest word!! which does make a bit of sense since I do say "seems to me" a lot - especially when I'm trying to be diplomatic

the names of the elephant and dog I blogged about came out the next largest - and then lots of animal names and - oh yeah - some curse words

I think I'll do it again and post it :)

that was fun

I think that your "seems" is my "thing". I'm always saying "but the thing is" or "but that's the thing" when I'm suggesting alternative points of view from my original assertion. I think that I said them both in that post. LOL

I'm glad you liked it. There's so many ways to customize your wordle. I think I reduced the number of words to 30 or 40 from 150, just so I could read the darn thing. :)

Those word clouds have always intrigued me as well, but I never really new how to do them. I'm quite the tech ijit, you see.

But I bookmarked that site so perhaps I'll be able to figure it out.

Oh Trav, you're far too modest. From what I can see, your tech talents abound! :)

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