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Three Word Thursday #21

This is hosted @ Quintessentially Quilly, and we use antique words in (hopefully) wild and wonderful ways. Stop by Quilly's place to check out all of the creative geniuses.
This week's words:
  • sevidical (adj) Speaking in a harsh or cruel manner.
  • morsicant (adj) Producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking.
  • veteratorian (adj) Subtle; crafty
The Misadventures of Malcontent Myrtle Macintosh
Tonight was the night, and Myrtle was ready. She really was going to cut loose and shock everyone. She had entered a dance contest where she and Roger would dance a hot Cha-Cha. They all thought her so uptight that they would never expect her to anything like that.
Roger had been more than eager to help, and over the past few weeks, she found that he wasn’t a bad dancer. He probably thought he was being veteratorian, but she would worry about that later. She was especially proud of her costume. It was definitely more risqué and flashy than anything else in her wardrobe.
The dress was a ruby red number, rather low cut, though she had taken pains to ensure that there would be no “wardrobe malfunctions” on the big night. It was much longer in the back than in the front in the fashion of Latin dance costumes with a feminine ruffle along the hem line and around the halter top. It was covered in red sequins, and Myrtle positively sparkled every time she moved in it. Wearing it made her feel wonderful, the picture of beauty and elegance.
About an hour before the contest was scheduled to begin, Myrtle and Roger met up for one final rehearsal. He looked very dashing wearing a tuxedo shirt open at the neck with an untied bowtie casually draped around his neck, along with black tuxedo pants. On their last run through, it all went perfectly. They were ready.
The next 30 minutes went by in a haze. Her head almost had a morsicant feeling, but before she knew it, Myrtle was being led onto the dance floor by Roger to join the other couples. A jolt of adrenaline hit her system, and she was suddenly nauseas. She could barely pick up her feet and was sure that she was going to trip and stumble across the floor. However, Roger lent his steadying arm, and they made it to an open spot without incident.
Roger gave her a reassuring smile and a wink, then the music started. After that, it was like they were on automatic pilot. It seemed that part of her brain was watching and analyzing the whole thing from the outside.
To her amazement, things were going really well. And the crowd, they were cheering … for her! She could hardly believe it. Then, she stepped back, and her eyes opened wide as she realized that she stepped on her skirt.
Wait! Nothing like that happened in any of the rehearsals, she thought in a millisecond. She heard the rip and knew that she was in trouble. She looked up at Roger, blissfully unaware of what was going on.
Myrtle tried to continue, brazen it out, but she felt as the whole back of the skirt was being torn from the rest of her costume with every step she took. The crowd’s cheers had turned to laughter.
When the bottom half of her dress was around her ankles, and the audience was helpless in their guffaws, she gathered up her skirts and addressed them.
“You’ll pay for your sevidical attitude!” Then, she turned and stalked off with her head held high.
Roger scurried off after her, but if one looked closely, you could see the corners of his mouth twitching with suppressed laughter.
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If you haven’t done 3WT, this is your chance! :)
3WT #22 words will be: rogitate; solipsistic; & nequient


What a wonderful episode! Poor Myrtle. And Roger had best get that grin under control before she sees it!

How horrible for Myrtle. She wanted it to go just right.
Great use of the words.

Poor Myrtle. Hope she gets redress :-)
Nicely done.

Poor, poor, Myrtle. And things were going so well for a while. Great use of the words.

Awww poor Myrtle. If I were Roger I would run for the hills myself. I was positive it was all going to go good for her. Excellent use of the words MWAH

I was hoping Myrtle would gather up the skirt, whirl it around into a headscarf and finish with aplomb...oh well, poor was fun to read!

You might want to change your profile word to "extraordinaire"...and are you by chance in El Paso? That's where my parents live!

Very wonderfully written. I will enjoy reading your other posts I think.

Dear Faithful Readers, I was terribly remiss in not responding to comments yesterday. I hope that you'll forgive me, the day got away from me.

Quilly: Could Roger have been the culprit in the wardrobe mishap? He did have opportunity. Hmmmm ... I might have to put on my detective cap about that. lol

Dr. John: I think that this is more of "pride cometh before a fall."

Anthony: She certainly will try. :)

Thom: That would be a wise course of action, but Roger is a glutton for punishment. lol

South Lakes: As Spellcheck doesn't seem to like either spelling, I can't find them in the dictionary, and my French dictionary was just packed in a box on Wednesday, I think that I'll stick with what I have for the present. But thank you for the tip.

Just Me: Thank you so much for your kind words. Please, drop in any time. :)

Nessa: Thanks so much! And I'll be on my way over to your place soon. Sorry for the delay.

P.S. For some reason the my response order doesn't match the comments postings exactly. I certainly thought that I had Nessa between Anthony & Thom, but for some reason that got bumped to the bottom. Sorry about that. ;)

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