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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Cliché, granted, but one of the reasons that phrases become clichés is some inherent truth about them. Just a month ago (or is it a whole month ago), I made my re-declaration of independence. I said that I would no longer allow myself to be manipulated into some unnatural shape just to get people to accept me. No more, going along to get along. (Ooops! I think that I detect another cliché there. ) Besides, it didn’t work anyway.

But it’s hard to change the habits of a lifetime, and I’ve found myself slipping back into the familiar trap. One of my defining values is the inherent value of all persons, period, no distinctions (even the ones with whom I disagree, even vehemently). Guess what! I’m one of the persons too … that’s the key. On this one-month anniversary, I recommit to be Free and Fully Me!



I think that as we try to change, the one constant is that our old habits will try to reassert themselves. When we can recognize them and stop the backslide, that's when we get confirmation that we can truly change.

Congrats on your declaration!

Thom and I were just talking about this this morning -- some folks allow us to be ourselves, and other's don't. At my place please feel free to speak your mind and your heart. I prefer truth to kind words or political correctness.

Travis: Word! (Do the kids still say that? Probably not. LOL)

Quilly: Thank you so much, and I return the favor. With the relative anonymity and vastness of the internet, I don't have the same kind of issue on-line. On the other hand, I have no wish to needlessly hurt a person's feelings for the sake of it. Despite my abhorrence of "political correctness," at least what it has morphed into, I still appreciate civility. :)

Well Quilly said it already but let me say I expect bascially everyone to speak their mind. Be their own person. It's the only way to be if you ask me. I also believe that it is very easy to be civil in spite of "political correctness. Great post. Must have been karma if 3 of us talked about this today :)

Great commitment to make.

Hi Cherie. Thom sent me over to have a look at this post, and I am so grateful that he did. It is very well written. I too have always gone along to get along, and am working on the big change. Two steps forward and one back it seems, though some days I wonder if it isn't 1 forward and 2 back... sigh. For the most part I do see much progress, and am grateful for that. I think I've been going through the backward step the last day or two... thanks for reminding me to go forward. I also recommit to be Free & Fully Me!!

I guess I have never gone along juswt to get along. I have argued with bishops and with a governor because I thought they were wrong.
So go for it be free. But be free in the power of Christ who sets us free.

Thom: Something like that. ;)

Nessa: Thanks!

Alice: It isn't easy, but it's worth it. (What? More cliches? lol)

Dr. John: Well, that's not exactly the kind of "going along to get along" I meant. I have frequently confronted "the powers that be" when I've seen things that weren't right. It's more under the order of personal relationships, but I'm wondering if it really makes any difference. But I take great solace that "I am complete in Christ." (Col 2:10)

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