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Friday's Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Living to Tell the Story. All you have to do is list your five favorite things from this past week. You can be as detailed or brief about it as you want. It really helps with the "attitude of gratitude" that makes life so much more pleasant.

I can hardly believe that it's already Friday. This time last week, I was in Houston. The week has just whizzed by. I don't even think that it was particularly busy. As a matter of fact, it's been a lot calmer than the last several for me. But there's no denying it. And I've got to admit that it was pretty good.

This Week's Fave Five

1) Making it home from Houston unscathed. Had quite the harrowing trip down there with a blown tire and missing hotel room payments. The return was much more sedate.

2) My tax refund was direct deposited ... TODAY! Yay! I don't mean to sound materialistic, but you know those bills they do add up. ;)

3) The response that I got from one of my best buds about his e-card on Thursday. He's going through a protracted rough patch. He doesn't have anyone around him willing to make much of a fuss (and I don't live in his town). I really think that it helped him to have a happy birthday. It definitely went to the funny rather than the mushy. He would not have liked that AT ALL. LOLOL It's amazing how a small thing can make such a big difference in another person's day. And I get a bonus. It makes me feel good too! :)

4) Reconnecting with my bff (different person than one listed above-lol). I don't know. Has March been a rough month for everyone? I've talked to so many people that have had to deal with a ton of stress this month (me included). It's good to have a friend to talk it all out. We're having lunch today, and that should be nice.

5) West Texas skies. I've never seen the like in all my travels. It's mesmerizing. I've loved it from the first moment I got here. Do you see that blue in the picture below? It is so deep, so intense. I didn't do anything to it except crop it and resize it for upload. The sky here looks like that 90% of the time, and I've lived here for over 10 years. It never gets old. It is one of the things that I'll miss the most when I move to D.C.

(This is at historic Fort Davis in, surprisingly enough, the Davis Mountains of West Texas. I absolutely adore this place. If I won the lottery, I would move there in a second.)

Have a great weekend all! :)


Great FFF. You trip to Houston was something else flat tire and all. Glad you could help your friend out on his birthday and that it made you feel good. That's always nice. The picture of the skyline is terrific. YIKES taxes....

Tremendous Texas sky. Great FFF.

Gasp at that blue sky!!! Wow!!!
And yaaay for tax refunds!!

Your moving to DC?
Looks like you had a good week. That sky is fantastic.

Hi Cherie! Thanks for joining in. It's really nice to have you. I linked you all up and it's working fine now. Sorry about that. For some reason Mr. Linky was termpermental today and of course it's the day I'm out of town and can't get to it till evening. All's good now.

That sounds like quite the trip down to Houston. I'm glad it was much more relaxed on the way home. Whew!

Loved your #3. It probably really felt great for your friend knowing your remembered him on his birthday. And yay for reconnections with your other friend.

Thom: Yes, tax time she's a comin'. Oy! ;)

Nessa: I always thought they were exaggerating about Texas skies in the movies. (Why would anyone in Hollywood ever lie? LOL) But this exceeded all expectations.

Jietnje: It is amazing. I must admit that the blue isn't always that deep, but still. Makes up for the droughts and the high heat. There are always trade-offs. :)

Dr. John: Yup, moving to D.C. at the end of August to start seminary. Eeek!

Susanne: Thanks for setting everything up. I don't mean to be a bother. I've been having trouble accessing Mr. Linky on multiple blogs. (Kinda getting on my nerves actually.) It's definitely not your blog. lol

Great week for you, flat tire notwithstanding.

Love the blue blue sky. Big Sky country! (Wait. That's Montana, right?)

Going to DC? Seminary? Where?

Willow: Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to Wesley Theological Seminary.

When I got to your blue skies I had to comment. We have vacationed in Texas several times, the last time in the Hill Country and I spent most of my time gazing up and thinking "nothing but blue skies". Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the memory.

No bother at all, Cherie. My pleasure. Don't know why Mr. Linky throws fits every once in a while. One time he disappeared for a couple hours right off the sight. And they say women are moody. Sheesh! ;v)

The west Taxas skies look very similar to ours here in Australia.

You had a great five. The blue is so beautiful in the picture.
I have only visited in D C but I think it will be so different than Texas.

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