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Positive Day - Turn on the Sunshine

Today, is Positive Day, a day inspired by a young lady with presidential aspirations, in 2032, in response to a ratty review of the latest Harry Potter flick. Talk about a good political platform! So now, thanks to her there are people all over the world's sending out good vibes all over the internet. Here's your mission should you choose to accept it ... Be positive for one day. It's only one day. Surely, you can do that. There's always time to be a sourpuss tomorrow.

If you need a little help, here are some wonderful guidelines courtesy of Connie Francis. (And one of the songwriters is Neil Sedaka. I never knew that.)

From the 1960 movie, "Where The Boys Are"
(Howard Greenfield / Neil Sedaka)

If you're walking in the shadows
And then it's time that you get wise
And just forget about your troubles
And open up your eyes

And when you wear a smile
The world will shout, "Hooray!"
You gotta turn on the sunshine
Your gonna put the blues away!

And just a little bit of sunshine
Makes it all a better place
You can chase away your troubles
When you got a happy face

When you wear a smile
The world will shout, "Hooray!"
You gotta turn on the sunshine
Your gonna put the blues away!

If the world is sad and weary now
You don't have to be a politician
You can change it all
With a sunny disposition

So, be happy
And spread it all around
If you find yourself a-frownin'
Just turn it upside down

When you wear a smile
The world will shout, "Hooray!"
You gotta turn on the sunshine
You gotta give in one time

You gotta turn on the sunshine
Put those blues away!

Man, this dialect is too much!

So my friends, "turn on the sunshine," and help to change the world.


That song is perfect!! Have a great day. :)

What a perfect song. Love it. Happy Positive Day, 2009 :) Aloha

The Petersons: I couldn't resist it.

Thom: It was the very first thing that I thought of when I woke up this morning. It must have been divine inspiration. :)

I am loving the impact this child is having on the blogosphere. She's started her campaigning early and effectively!

You can't get much more positive than that. And the look of your blog is positively full of sunshine too. i love the brightness of it.

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I love this! What a happy upbeat post.

Thank you for being a part of Positive Day. You made me smile!

Oh I adore Connie!!

great choice Cherie :)

Quilly: It's a great lesson on how one person can have so much impact on others. So many people don't even try because they don't think that they can have an impact.

Nessa: Thanks!

Jennifer: Thanks for hosting it, and for being a mom that nurtures her children in this way.

Welshcakes: She makes me happy just hearing her voice. Thanks for stopping by!

Dianne: Thanks! :)

Ah...Neil Sedaka was part of the Brill Building stable of songwriters. There are some big names associated with that time in American pop songwriting.

Happy Positive Day!

I liked your post and your page.

Nothing can beat sunshine!

Travis: He is amazing. :)

Betty: Thanks so much!

Jientje: Amen to that. :)

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