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Julie & Julia: A Biographical Duet

I just returned from watching the new film Julie & Julia: Based on Two True Stories.

Julie and Julia The theater was full of people (yes, guys too) who decided to pass on G.I. Joe, also opening this weekend.  I was kind of surprised and delighted.  I came in after the trailers had already started, and I had to take a seat way down at the bottom.  Didn’t really expect that for a film without sex (not too much anyway) and violence, unless you include the death of three innocent lobsters.

The film stars Meryl Streep, whose reputation proceeds her, and Amy Adams, one of my favorite actresses.  (If you haven’t seen her in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, you must do so immediately!)

The premise of the film is following Julie as she sets out on a quest to make every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking within a year and blog about her journey.  Meanwhile, we are also treated to Julia Child’s adventure from learning to cook to getting that book published.

The whole thing is delightful and charming as we switch back and forth between story lines seeing the trials and tribulations.  (Anyone who has spent any time in the kitchen knows that the path is not always smooth.)  We get to share in their successes and failures, both in their projects and their personal lives.  That gave it a sense of realism that connected me to the film in a profoundly emotional way.

It was a feast for the eyes, if you’ll pardon the pun.  The scenery, especially in the shots of Paris, could be considered a character in the film to my way of thinking, just a delight.  Meryl Streep was magnificent as Julia Child.  And what can I say, I’ve had a girl-crush on Amy Adams for quite some time.  She did not disappoint.

The only problem with writing a rave review is that it leads to over-inflated expectations.  So, go see the film, but pretend that I said it was really bad. ;)  LOL


A real chick flick? LOL. I think I might wait on this one until it comes out on DVR LOL Well for that matter I wait for any show to come out on DVR LOL. I sleep and drool too much in theaters regardless of where I'm sitting :)

Thom: Well, I'm a chick, and I liked it. So, from that perspective, you could call it a "chick-flick", but I also liked Armagedon. Would that make it a chick-flick too? LOL However, Julie & Julia wasn't what I would normally term as a chick-flick. (Which is good because I generally loathe them. LOL) I can tell you that there were LOTS of guys in the audience, and they seemed to be enjoying the film just as much as the women. But I wouldn't want the men in little white coats escorting you from the theater because you were drooling on the patrons. You had better wait. ;)

I have a bunch of discount movie tickets and a bunch of free time (unemployed as of 4:00 p.m. today). Maybe I'll check this out.

I'm looking forward to this one

I too have a crush on Amy
and Meryl is a goddess to me

and Julia Childs was a delight

what more could anyone ask for

Quilly: You had mentioned your unemployment status someplace else, but the last I remember was that they cut your hours not your full position. Did you decide that it was too few hours for it to be worthwhile? I'm sorry about that.

Dianne: I think that you'll love it! :)

I'm gonna wait...besides the white coats are here...see ya :)

It doesn't sound like my kind of film, but I do love Meryl Streep. Perhaps this is one we'll look for on dvd.

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