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Small World Saturday #2: Water

Small World Saturday is hosted by Egypt Everlasting, and the idea is for us to understand each other better by learning about the different places in the world. Each week we are given a theme, and after that, it’s up to us. This week the theme is WATER. Please, join in the fun!
For the last ten years, I’ve lived in West Texas, and it’s not really a place that I associate with water.
All of the native plants have adapted to the arid conditions. This may look like an aloe, but it’s a Century Plant.
It send up a spike, and has the most unique looking flowers. (No comments from the peanut gallery. lol)
3This is when the plant is at “full bloom.”
4One of the reasons that I moved here was for the dry conditions. (If the humidity is over 25%, the locals feel oppressed by the air.) An added benefit is the stark beauty. From the first day I arrived, I fell in love with the sky.
5 7
Occasionally, the rains do come.
All the dust is washed off everything, and we have a moment of lushness.
But soon, things return to normal, and we have to put up with the monotony of blue sky. (Oh, darn! LOL)
So, what does water mean in your world? Pop over to Egypt Everlasting and share it with us!
Next week's theme is SCHOOL.


West Texas? Is that like over where El Paso is? My mom, cousin, and I made a road trip to southeast Texas last summer and all three of us really liked El Paso. It was really hot -- I mean red hot chili pepper hot -- but the air was dry like it is in California.

I thought it was cool that my cell phone kept switching over to the carrier in Mexico at certain points on the highway, too, LOL!

-- Iman --

This is a great post -- intelligent, informative, and illustrated with pics. If there was a Small World Saturday journalism prize, you'd be sure to win it!

Thanks for your perspective, I personally adore the desert and would love to live without the humidity! Beautiful skies as well!
My SW is @

Caravan: Gosh, that's a long drive! West Texas would be considered anything West of Abilene to El Paso. That's funny about your cell service going over to Mexico. That's never happened to me, but I'm never that close to the boarder.

Quilly: High praise, indeed! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Amanda: Low humidity is certainly great for hair-do's. lol Thanks for stopping by!

Cherie, the photos in your post remind me of the only cowboy movie that I truly love, Lonesome Dove! Such blue skies and clear spaces - a real example of the old and wild west.

I love the info on the plants and will keep my dirty comment to myself, LOL. This is, after all, a G-rated meme! ;)

Can't wait to see what you come up with next week.

Carleen: Yes, this is where it all really happened. Forts built and the Cavalry chasing the Apaches and the Comanches through the mountain passes. It's slightly surreal.

What the hell happened to my comment here? Did you delete it you beast? LOL

Ooops I wonder if I hit cancel or something. LOL. Well what I said, if I can remember is the peanut gallery needs to speak. And I'd be in a world of hot water if I only spiked every 100 years. LOL. Can you imagine the frustration brewing? I lived in Tucson, went to UofA and that desert scenery and conditions are the bomb. I remember the monsoons. Excellent time. But the dry conditions...YIKES...I can deal without that. I dry up like a rattlesnake LOL. Spike here...over and out :)

Spike: Now I ask you, would I delete YOU?! You wound me. You must have dreamed it. ;) LOL

ROFLMAO MWAHA a thousand times over :)

Spike: You understand that's what I'm going to call you from now on ... until I forget. ;) Spike was always my favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :D

That kind of sky is too much for me. Too big, you know? I much prefer the sky to be full of clouds, like we have here in the pacific northwest.

Oh, the heat is a problem for me too.

Travis: Yeah, that "seeing for days" (mostly from a lack of trees) can be a bit freaky at first. lol I can't take the heat either. A/C is wonderful. :)

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