Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Saturday 9: The Waiting

It’s Saturday 9 time!  Check ‘em out!

Saturday 9: The Waiting

1. Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone?  Yes.

2. How do you eat oreos?  I usually twist them apart and eat the filling first.  If milk’s handy, I might dunk the cookie.

3. Are you cocky?  Don’t think so.

4. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?  Not the traditional kind. ;)

5. What t.v. station do you watch the most?  Was watching CBS.  Now, I’m not watching any.

6. Have you ever seen the ocean?  Oh yes, many times.

7. Have you ever been hospitalized? No.

8. What's your favorite brand of rootbeer?  Rootbeer? Blech!

9. Could you live without a computer?  Sure, but I wouldn’t have as many friends (real or imaginary). :)

These questions didn’t inspire too much commentary from me this time.  Sorry about that.  Things are getting more “normal” for me every day at school.  Tonight we’re supposed to have a tour of DC with dinner in town, so that ought to be fun.

Have a great weekend!


I don't watch TV much, either and I am certain my imaginary friends are real -- you are, aren't you?

have a great time tonight!!

DC is so beautiful at night, the lights are amazing

Glad things are settling down. :) I take it you don't like Rootbeer :)

Quilly: An imaginary friend? Absolutely! LOL ;)

Dianne: It was beautiful. If the pictures turn out, I'll be posting them.

Spike: Starting to figure out what "normal" is, which is very good.

So what courses are you taking ?
Glad everything is going well.

Dr. John: Have a full load this semester. I'm taking survey courses for Hebrew Bible & New Testament (separate), Early Church History, Philosophy, and Christian Ed. It's been "suggested" that I might want to consider dropping a course after evaluating this week. I would like to take more now, so that I won't have to take as many classes when I'm working on my thesis. But we'll see. I am keeping my mind open to the possibility (and direction from the Holy Spirit).

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