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Meet Yasmin

In the secularized Christian United States of America, we can see Islamic women, who wear headscarves as oppressed. There can be no possibility that they would do that of their own free-will, or would they?

In these contemporary times, we think that dressing like that is old fashioned, and we don’t understand how a woman living in a first world country could voluntarily choose to dress like that.

I would like to introduce you to my friend Yasmin. She is of Pakistani descent, and she lives in the north of England. She has her undergraduate degree in biology and a masters in education. She is a beautiful independent woman with lots of friends and a great sense of humor. She’s always cracking wise … She’s also a Muslim and wears a headscarf in her daily life.

She doesn’t wear it because someone is forcing her to do it. She wants to. She is proud of being a Muslim, and this is a symbol of her commitment to her faith. And look at what beautiful colors she can wear. I think that one is marvelous with her skin tone.)

(If you’ll notice, in the back, the women are not wearing
headscarves, so it’s not due to peer pressure either.)

When I compare this to many of the scantily clad objectified women in the Superbowl commercials, I find Yasmin much more beautiful. Was it just me, or were the Superbowl ads this year even More sexist than usual? But that’s another story. lol

But while I'm on the subject ... Did you know that is one of the reasons for the headscarf (and other Muslim coverings)? It is to reduce the chance of women being objectified as sexual objects. It is intended to honor them not oppress them, but like anything, it can be twisted. Just like equal rights initiatives for women in the U.S. were not intended to promote push up bras.

This is a strange world we live in.

Next time: Is there global warming on Pluto?


Non-Muslim people look at the bad examples and paint all Muslims with the same stripes. It simply isn't true. People are people and every race, nationality and creed has booth good and bad.

Quilly: You said a cotton-pickin' mouthful, my dear Quilly. :)

Larisa thank you for sharing this. I learned something from this that I had no idea about. Different cultures have different ways obviously. And me being the ignorant fool I am never ever bothered to find out why Muslim women wore those head scarfs. I always always always thought they were made to. It's like them having to walk however many paces behind. I apologize to you and that beautiful Yasmin and to any others that I have offended because of my ignorance. But at least I learned something and I'm glad I did. Mahalo my sweet dear friend for sharing this. *I hope that butters you up a little :)

Spike: That must be your guilty conscious talking to you because I don't remember anything which requires me being buttered up. LOL But I'm glad that you got a new perspective. That's the wonderful thing about being online. You can "meet" and learn things about people and cultures all over the world from your own home. (Travel is good too of course, but so much more expensive and less practical. lol) Mwah! xxoo

Well it was LOL. I just thought it would help. And you are so right about being online. :) What would I do without ya :) What time do you go to bed? It's got to be after midnight in DC

Excellent clarification on this subject. Most traditions began for good reasons. They can continue for their original purpose or be perverted. It all depends on the individuals.


Spike: I've always been a night owl. I normally get to sleep about 1 or 2 AM, until I have a morning class or something (which I do not have this semester. Praise God! lol)

Nessa: So very true. :)

Great post, Cherie. It's nice to see the other side of this issue. So often in this country we tend to associate the Muslim headscarf with the Taliban Burka and the corresponding oppression of women in that society. There are many Muslim societies where women have much more freedom.

On another topic--you didn't happen to be involved in that snowball fight at Dupont Circle, did you? LOL! You guys got a lot of snow. . .

Lisa: No, I wasn't in that snowball fight. Besides, I couldn't have gotten there even if I wanted to. I've been hearing a lot about that snowball fight. I'm going to have to check it out. LOL

It looked like so much fun! So were you in another snowball fight somewhere else, then. ;)

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