Monday, November 30, 2009

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Post Thanksgiving Mutterings

Three more weeks until the semester is over. Maybe, that will mean that I'll be able to play here a little more. I hope. I have missed this blogging thing.

In the meantime, we have another episode of Unconscious Mutterings.

She said ... and I thought ... ?

1. MacGyver :: Where's my paper clip?

2. Garter :: Who's wearing it, and on what part of their body?

3. Wedge :: One sure came in handy last night when I had to unpack the car to keep the door to the stairwell open. And that reminds me. With all of my complaints about how people at this school don't act in what I consider a "Christian" manner with regard to their fellow student, a kind young man helped me bring up two of my bags. AND he went back downstairs to remove the wedge from beneath the fire door before I had a chance to do it. I thanked him profusely. :)

4. Inches :: Feet, yards, meters ... I'm so confused. lol

5. Code :: I must be reading/watching to many spy thrillers. The first thing I thought of was something that had to be deciphered. ;)

6. Water :: So glad that it wasn't raining during the drive back to DC yesterday. The traffic was bad enough with dry roads. I can only imagine what they would have been like if it had been raining. The strange part is that the traffic slowdowns were not where major interstates crossed or headed into DC itself. (Thank goodness. I was expecting it to be awful.)

7. Running :: Running? What's that? I prefer walking, even if it's briskly. Much easier on the knees. :)

8. Curly :: Hair.

9. Turkey :: We did have some lovely turkey over the Thanksgiving holiday and just the right amount too. It ran out just as we were satisfied.

10. Stupor :: Ah, the post Thanksgiving feast stupor, bliss ... And this is why I don't believe the media or scientific studies anymore. This year they announced all over the place that tryptophan is NOT the reason why people get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. Now, they say that it's from carbohydrate overload. Hey media people and scientists! If you were wrong before, why should I believe you now?

On that cheerful note ... have a great week. I actually have an idea for tomorrow to start off the month. I've started to listening to Christmas songs to help me switch holidays in my mind. lol Until tomorrow. :)


Love your new theme Larisa. Spike thinks it's awesome looking. :) I love your #10. Just awesome my friend :) Listing to Christmas songs? hmmm that's a new one on Spike. :) LOL MWAH

LOL on "Code" Cherie! The first thing that popped into my mind was computer code. That's even worse. But I just did have lunch with a friend who tests computer code so I have an excuse. ;)

Sounds like you had a nice, satisfying, Thanksgiving. :) Where were you driving back from? And how great of that guy to help you! I guess you just have to run into the right people there. . .

Spike: "Listing"?!? I'm sure that I don't know what you're talking about. (Oh, how I love the "edit" button, heh-heh-heh.) LOL Mwaha!

Lisa: I was coming back from my mother's in TN. The funny part is that I'll be heading back there in 3 weeks. LOL

#10 -- new data -- it seems ALL meat has equal amounts of tryptophan. And I always thought the tryptophan was the myth anyway (stems from vegetarian step-daughter who never ate turkey but still passed out with the rest of us). Nice to know I was right!

Quilly: Ah, but I expect there to be new contradictory data in the future. But that's okay. :)

Good and interesting responses to the words. Glad you have a break coming.

Dr. John: I'm of two minds about it. I am looking forward to the extended break, but I really do like my classes. I would like more time to contemplate and discuss the material in class. It's been like a whirlwind. Hopefully, I'll get more of a chance to do that in the spring semester. :)

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