Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay...Spike wants to see what's going to go on here :) And what heights will be hit WOO!!!! MWAH

Love the graphic! And the Bugs Bunny lyrics. LOL! And you changed your profile pic! So, that's the real you, then? ;)

If only I were ready for December. . .

Spike: I hope that you won't be too disappointed, but the reindeer chorus line might be it. ;) LOL

Lisa: Oh, I'm far from ready for Dec. I was so ready to start decorating for Halloween at the end of our summer decorative holiday fast. Then, we had a few weeks to transition to Thanksgiving, then BAM. We're instantly into Christmas. No transition time. My dancing reindeer are a way of kicking off the rituals that will have me ready in time. (Like watching the Muppet Christmas Carol.) :)

The beginning of the end of 2009 -- and the beginning of the beginning of our new church year. I hope your December is grand.

Quilly: You too! :) How's that packing coming? Moving day has to be sneaking up.

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