Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Advent Conspiracy

This morning as I was drinking my bottled water and checking out my usual haunts online, I came across a blog post over at The Cat's Meow about the Advent Conspiracy, and it's mission to provide clean drinking water in the world. It's a gift that can make a real impact. Check 'em out. With everything I'm spending money on, I decided that I can find $10 to give a child clean drinking water for life. Think about it.


Great video my friend. I suppose Spike can do this as well :) MWAH!!

Great idea, Cherie! I love it! I received one of the best gifts of all so far this Christmas--someone donated to Oxfam America in my name. That is my kind of gift! I wish more friends and relatives would follow their lead. If anyone asks me what I want this year I'll include the link to the Advent Conspiracy.

Thanks for sharing that. :)

Now that is one great idea.

Spike: Good deal! Woot! Mwah!

Lisa: I knew you would like it. :)

Nessa: It's amazing.

Dr. John: I love that it's not suggesting that you give up everything, just cut back a little bit. (Though I'm sure if you wanted to give everything, they'd happily take it. lol)

Amoeba and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year and support a charity instead. It feels pretty good to know we've helped someone.

Quilly: What a wonderful idea! That certainly has got to help with the packing too.

wonderful idea
I think I have $10 as well
thanks for the info

Dianne: Spread the word. You've got more readers than I do! :) ;)

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