Saturday, December 5, 2009


Spike thinks that is one of the best snowman he has seen in a long while :) It certainly looks cold there I must say. Today here it's in the 80's LOL. I can make the transition very easy with that. Sure is pretty I must say :) Glad you made the transition my friend. :) MWAH!!!

Spike: Would I be wrong in thinking that this is the first snowman that you've seen in a while? ;)

You got more than I did, but I'm still happy I got some yesterday.

Santa Puppets

we got some sleet and a crappy layer of slippery slush - but then again this is NJ ;)

very pretty pics

Happy First Snow

Nessa: Enough to be excited. Not so much that you have to shovel. Kind of like perfect. :)

Dianne: We were just on this side of the snow line. Someone who lives closer to the Capitol on Dupont Circle told me that they never got any snow. Too much hot air (her words, not mine though I have no argument with the basic sentiment lol).

Woo Hoo! I love that your snowman has leaves in it. LOL! And the single tree covered in snow is beautiful--very graceful. I'm glad that has helped to get you in the holiday spirit, Cherie! :)

Lisa: I was trying to be "artistic" of course. ;) :P

LOL! Well, intentional or not, you succeeded!

I'm glad you enjoyed the snow. We got some and I hate it.

Lisa: Thanks!

Dr. John: I've had my fun. Now, I'm ready for it to go. lol

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