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The Korean Memorial

You may not be aware of this, but Washington D.C. is just full to over-flowing of memorials for one thing or another.  You can hardly pass an intersection or traffic circle where something or someone isn't being commemorated.  One of my favorites is the Korean War/Conflict Memorial.

It's not that I'm a huge fan of the Korean Conflict (though I'm going to school with a number of Koreans who are extremely grateful that the U.S. was involved), but I think that this memorial is extremely striking, especially at night.

It's almost spooky and eerie.  To me, it certainly does not glamorize war (as many memorials do).

I remember the first time I went there.  The statues seemed to appear out of nowhere.   And suddenly I was in the middle of it.

And the statues themselves look so realistic with the flowing ponchos right down to the combat boots.  You can see the tired and drawn looks on the faces of the troopers.  Most impressive.

Last year, my camera battery gave out right before we got to this memorial, and I promised pics.  Finally, I can share my awe with you.


Thanks for sharing this. I would so like to see that memorial. It is so different. It does look like it has an eerie effect but how cool it looks. Thanks for sharing :) Hope school is going well. :) xoxoxo MWAH

Yeah, the Korean Memorial is kinda spooky. The statues are so life-like. There's only 19, but in the reflection seems like twice as many. It's fairly new, isn't it - built during the Clinton years?

Nice blog.

Thom: It is soooo cool! :)

Nick: From what I can tell the time from inception to opening covered several different presidents tenures, but it was opened while Clinton was president. Thanks for dropping by! :)

It almost looks haunted. Very neat tribute

Teresa: Yes, it certainly has that haunted feel. I think that's what I like the most about it.

This is awe inspiring in the true sense of the word -- reverent wonder. I can only imagine how you felt walking through this -- like a time traveler actually getting to see history unfolding. Incredible.

I would so love to see this.

Quilly: The statues make the soldiers look like they are covered in mud, which is very realistic and make the experience that much more amazing.

If you ever visit D.C., I highly recommend an evening tour. They have all kinds, even one where you ride a segway. The monuments look incredible the way they're lit up at night.

It is very ghostly.

I've only seen the memorial by day.

Stacy: I might need to try that too, to see what they really look like. On the other hand, it might ruin the illusion. lol

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