Sunday, September 12, 2010

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A Quick Update

I can hardly believe that I haven't posted anything since August 3rd.  That's probably because I have tried to keep tabs on all my peeps on a regular basis.  As you can see, I've made an adjustment to my blog theme to give it more an autumnal feel. ;)  Also, thought it might be nice to check in with a short rundown about what's been going on.  I see on my sidebar that my Blogoversary is coming up in a few days, so I might try to have something for that too.  (Something for you to look forward to. lol)

First off, I'm back at school.  The church where I worked over the summer gave me a nice send-off along with a modest check, which was very nice, as I was there strictly as a volunteer.  It was enough to buy my books for the semester, so I was happy.

Everything is going well in the roommate department.  Ji-yeon returned a few weeks before I did.

 We rearranged the furniture in our room that makes it like 500% more functional.  I could have never believed how much better life could be by switching the placement of a few pieces.

Classes are going well, and I have an official title for my thesis!  "Bringing the Christian Message to the Secular-Humanist Community."  At the moment, I have a lot of sociology books about Postmodernism.  (I wanted to be able to say that I'm reading a lot of books about Postmodernism, but that isn't strictly true.)

What's very nice is that my class on Contemporary Issues in Science and Religion is dovetailing very nicely with my thesis topic.  I'm getting lots of great ideas of where to go for more information.

I'm also getting to know a lot of new people with the incoming class of seminary students.  They seem to be a good bunch of kids.  And on top of that, I've joined a kind of small support group, which I was desperately missing last year.  So far so good! :)


LARISA!!!! So good to hear from ya :) Spike has missed your posts :( But true to your word you have been keeping up. I'm amazed that you can have the same roommate in college. Maybe it's been too long since I've attended. But glad the room is more functional. Sounds like you are already off too a good start. I kept thinking as I read this that it's going to take me forever to read your thesis. I think it's going to be something that, because of my belief in religion, that I'm going to have a hard time with, but I'm sure I will learn a lot from it. :) That was really nice of the church to get you enough money for your books. Every little bit helps. You know one thing I don't know if I've asked you is if this is a four year school? I look forward to your post in three days. Study hard and get good grades :)



Crap crap crap...I could delete and copy and paste but I'm too lazy. I love your new theme. Wouldn't you know I would forget that...pffft. xoxoxo

Spike: 1) I'm glad you like the theme. :) 2) When submitting our housing application, we were able to request a particular roommate and room. While the room was not guaranteed, as long as the other party agreed to the roommate thing, it was a lock. 3) With all the blogs you read, I'm sure that you will have no problem getting through my thesis, as long as you're not bored to death with it. lol That's not the same as saying you'll agree with it. :) 4) I'm in a two year master's program, so (if all goes as planned) I'll finish up in May. 5) Yes Daddy, I'll work hard. Mwah! xxoo

I'm liking the new blog do! Pretty spiffy.

I am glad your internship ended well and your new school year has started well.

Just dropped my brother off at university for another year too. Nice about the cheque covering your book costs. Love the autumn look :)

i like the look of your blog. very pretty. Your thesis topic sounds very interesting. I hope you have lots of fun this year and learn lots.

Good to hear from you Cherie! And so glad to hear you're starting off the semester on such a good note. Maybe there is something to all that feng shui stuff. Or perhaps simply not tripping over the furniture is enough to bring some positivity to the place. :P I think you've got a whole feng shui thing going on the blog, too. Very calming. :)

Teresa: So true. So true. Those books aren't cheap!

Nessa: Thanks so much!

Lisa: It is amazing. How are things in your neck of the woods (no pun intended) with the fires and stuff?

Thanks for the info. WOOT!!! So this is your last year :) PhD next? Perhaps? MWAH!!!!

Things here are -- dry. Scary dry. Definitely not normal September weather. Otherwise life in Conifer is good! Fires are a good distance away, Nicole has started her senior year and can't wait to be done, Chuck is working part time at the school and I'm still plugging away at whatever it is I do. LOL most importantly, we have most of our wood in for the winter! :)

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