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Megamind in 3-D

I've had so many things that I've wanted to write about.  I've got a list, but several of them were time sensitive and the time has passed ... Juan Williams being fired from NPR ... Keith Oberman suspended from MSNBC ... Did you know that they're doing another Spiderman re-boot?  Didn't they just do that?  Has enough time passed?  (Stan Lee is scheduled to appear with Craig Ferguson soon, so maybe we'll get some answers there.)  Continuing on ... the Curse of the Oldest Woman ... Jon Stewart's rally ... the mid-term elections ... my Farmville addiction.  The problem is not that I don't have material.  The problem is that I don't have the energy to write anything coherent.

So now, it's looking like this blog is turning into a movie review site, which isn't all bad, except there hasn't been a lot out there to inspire me this year.  Now, if the studios were willing to provide me with free tickets or private screenings like they do with proper film critics, we might be talking.  But, if I have to pay cash on the barrel head, I'm going to have to be reasonably sure that I'm going to like it.

Enter Megamind in 3-D.  I've been seeing trailers for this film for quite a while, and it looked promising.  I have a love/hate relationship with Will Ferrell.  I usually can only take him for 30 seconds at a time, maybe 2 minutes in a trailer.  The thing is that his public persona is such a cartoon that an animated film is the ideal vehicle for him.

Then, there's the 3-D aspect.  Gosh, probably 10 years ago now, I went to Disney World and saw some really amazing things that they were doing with 3-D.  Gone were the paper glasses with two different colored lenses (and by "lenses," I mean pieces of colored cellophane) that make you nauseous if you tried to walk around while wearing them.  The results at Disney were phenomenal.  I don't know if I've shared this with you, but I'm partial to Muppets, and the 3-D show I enjoyed the most featured a recreation of the old Muppet Show.  I remember thinking at the time.  "Wow!  If this is where 3-D's going, I'm in!"

Alas, I have been waiting ever since.  I will admit that things have been getting a lot better as of late, but really nothing that matched the possibilities that I imagined after my Disney Muppet experience.  While everyone was oooing and ahhhing over Avatar.  I was left wanting.  Though I am perfectly willing to admit that it might have to do more with what I felt was the "preachiness" of the film.  I'm not usually fond of "message movies."  As Big Daddy said in, The Long Hot Summer, "I get preached to in church on Sunday." lol  I only approve of them when the message is so subtle that I can't consciously tell that it was there.  (In my opinion, the best works achieve this.)

But back to the 3-D in Megamind.  It was awesome.  The best work that I've seen to date.  It didn't have any silly tricks.  (Okay, except for one, but that was during the credits.)  The 3-D gave it depth.  Was that extra depth worth the extra money that I paid to see it?  Not really, but since I had paid for it, I certainly was going to enjoy the heck out of it.

None of that matters though if the story isn't good.  (See comments about Avatar above.)  I must say that I really liked it.  In so many movies (especially reboots), we see a lot about the struggles of an aspiring superhero, but we get a relatively cardboard villain.  And, that's okay because we need the villain to give the hero something to do.  This movie takes the whole thing and turns it upside down.  What does it take to create the supervillain?  It is the villain who is shown as troubled and misunderstood.  I thought the film did it in a way that showed Megamind as a sensitive young boy with so much potential.  But, just a few accidents through no fault of his own, sent him down a different path than his Superman-ish classmate.

It was sensitive.  It was charming.  It was action-packed.  It had great images.

I think that I'm going to have to give this one 4 out of 5 stars.


I agree with you about Avatar. Some of the visuals were wonderful but the story was very heavy handed.

I'm not into animated movies but this does look like fun.

My next film is Harry Potter. Just two weeks to go.

Nessa: It's got some impressive voice credits including Tina Fey and Brad Pitt (who's not in it that much). But the sidekick, "Minion" is great. lol

Travis: Yeah, I'm gearing up for Harry. I'm in the midst of my Harry film festival in anticipation. :)

I keep thinking of the clip I've seen where he says 'ouch, my giant blue head' - for some reason that just makes me laugh every single time

Dianne: It was funny, but at times I also had to hold back the tears. Full range of emotions in this one.

Oh, a "good" bad guy. This might be worth a watch at that!

Quilly: Well, it's something like that. (Wouldn't want it to be too predictable for you.) And I feel so honored that you visited me so soon in your headachey distress.

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