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Aaron Rodgers, You've Just Won the Superbowl...

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for making the fewest mistakes and winning the Super Bowl!  I must admit that I've been rooting for them since they had to win their last three games of the regular season to make it into the playoffs ... Then won all of their games on the road through the playoffs to make it to the Super Bowl.

I even liked most of the commercials.  As you can imagine, I loved the one with "Dinky Darth" (as Joy calls him -- See previous post) the best even though they cut it down to 30 seconds.  I was disappointed, but it was still a big hit with the group in the student lounge.

But as they were handing around the trophy, I noticed that something was conspicuous by its absence.  For years and years, at the end of every championship sporting team, a particular question would always be asked, such as ... "Aaron Rodgers, you've just won the Super Bowl.  What are you going to do now?"

The answer was always, "I'm going to Disney World!" (Or Disneyland)  And as I was thinking about it, I realized that I haven't heard that question in a few years.  I wonder when it went away?  Everyone would anticipate when it would happen, almost as much as the commercials.  The fact that I remember it is pretty amazing.  And as I was thinking about it, I thought how much I would like to go back to Disney World.
I didn't go for the first time until well into my late 20s.  I never understood the appeal ... And the expense!  I mean it's an amusement park for crying out loud.  There's rides.  There's hotels.  There are people dressed in furry costumes that you can have your picture taken with.  Okay, I understand people can get obsessive about The Mouse, but still ... Let's keep things in proportion here, people.  And then I went.
I could not believe the size and scope.  That first time we stayed in a hotel off the grounds, and it was still amazing.  It is like you've entered an alternate universe.

The next time, I had to bring my mother, who also had never been, naturally.  This time we stayed in one of the moderate Disney hotels.  (Yes, they do have them.)  Even they had small customer service touches that made the experience special, like this elephant that was left on my bed one day.
If you ever go, I highly recommend staying on the park grounds if at all possible.  The slightly higher expense is well offset by the perks of free transportation to and from the parks and shopping areas.  If you are in one of the hotels on their waterway system, you might even get to take a boat ride.

As you probably can tell, I kind of wish that I could go.  Maybe someday when I'm gainfully employed again and can put a few pennies away.  I think the biggest adventure that I'm up for now is one where they put little terry cloth animals on your bed.  And that's a nice thing.


The towel elephant is pretty cute. Hope you get a relaxing break in your near future.

To tide you over til travel time.

Stacy: I just got some encouraging financial news, so if that pans out, it will certainly feel almost like a break. (No, not good enough to plan a trip to see The Mouse. lol)

Joy: That's really cute! I always wondered how they did that. I'm afraid the one in my picture met with a tragic accident before I could reverse engineer it. lol

I have never been to Disney World and if I have to win the Super Bowl to get there, it isn't going to happen!

Quilly: You don't have to be a star to go there. They'll just treat you like you are one once you're there. ;)

I sum up my love of Disneyland in four words...happiest place on earth.

Travis: You said it! Somebody said they did the "What are you gonna do now..." bit, but I didn't see it. But that person could have been presuming. lol

They did the question, and he went. He rode in the parade.

Betty: That makes me happy. I'll have to see if I can find it. :)

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