Friday, February 11, 2011

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Saturday 9: I Saw It on TV

A-ha! Saturday 9!  Wheeeeee!
Saturday 9: I Saw It on TV

1. What new TV show rocks your world this year?
What's a TV? lol  I would say Covert Affairs on USA. I really didn't want to like it because there were already several shows on USA that I was addicted to, but I was instantly sucked in.  The commercials were really nothing like the actual show.  That's good for the show, bad for me pretending to be virtuous.
2. What is your least favorite ethnic food, and what makes it your least favorite?
Vietnamese.  There's just something about it that scares me.  Though I must admit that I'm not that adventurous when it comes to food.  Just about with everything else, but not food.
3. When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?
When you realize that you would do about anything even at personal discomfort or risk.
4. Is there a job you would do for free, and is it your current job?
Well, there are several jobs that I already do for free like message board administrator, blogger, English teacher, proof reader.  Do they count?
5. What is one person/thing that inspired you to take action of some sort?
God.  I can think of no other reason that I would torture myself like I am right now. (See #3.)
6. Though you might not believe in it, would you like fate to exist?
No, otherwise there would be no purpose in life.  The struggle would be for nothing.  Caring or trying to do the right thing, to help people, to help the world would be pointless.  Fate's only good if everything turns out good in the end, but what if it turns out crappy?
7. Tell us about a news story that truly shocked you.
This whole thing in Egypt has really shocked me. The fact that it has stayed relatively peaceful (up to this point) is particularly shocking.
8. What's something you're looking forward to?
Having a job that actually pays money.
9. What characteristics do you despise?
Disrespect for other people's opinions.

Have a great weekend!


I know what you mean about the shows on USA Network. I like Burn Notice, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. I also like a couple of shows from SciFi Channel...Haven and Warehouse 13.

I love having my DVR. I'd probably miss these great programs if I couldn't record them.

Travis: Yeah, I'm addicted to all those USA ones. I came to like In Plain Sight too. I can't believe that they can go so long between seasons. I might forget who Michael Weston is before the summer. lol

I can't think of an ethnic food I dislike as an entire category. That might be part of my weight issue!

I haven't turned the TV on in ages and have no idea what the current shows are on any station!

Quilly: I have the opposite issue, but strangely enough, it seems to result in the same problem. I'm very sensitive to foods, esp the "good" stuff. I never seem to have a problem with the "junk". lol

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