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Wisconsin Public Employees

I must admit that I avoid talking about political matters on this blog.  I have friends from many different perspectives, and I really don't want to get into the debate and argument that it often involves.  However, this is one time that I can't keep silent.

The Wisconsin legislature has a bill before it that would strip many of its state employees of their rights for collective bargaining (but not firefighters or police). As I understand it, if passed, this bill would alter the terms of the current contract.

Okay, I understand the need for states to bring their deficits and debt under control.  I even agree that it's fair for state employee compensation, raises, and benefits be brought in line with public sector jobs.  However, I don't think it's right for a government to be able to alter a contract that was negotiated in good faith by both sides by passing a law voiding some, if not all, aspects of it.  The workers effectively have no recourse.

No private sector organization could reasonably expect to do this and not get sued.

The Democrats are stalling, but it is probably inevitable that this bill will eventually pass.  If it does, I hope that it makes a fast track to the U.S. Supreme Court.  While there's a Republican majority there, if upheld, the precedent for contract law would be criminal and anti-business.  Effectively, it would mean that the government could alter any contract that they found inconvenient.

That's not right.


I was reading up on this Wisconsin thing today. I still don't feel completely qualified to discuss it in mixed company...I mean between Republicans and Democrats. But I like your summary and I have to say I agree with you.

Perhaps someone should email that video to Gov Walker.

You just might be on to something: I'd bet Americans would be much more likely to tune in to politics if the delegates wore clown shoes and rode unicycles. Look at what reality TV did for ratings. Hmmmm....

I basically agree with you
I need to read more about this to totally understand the details
Funny how people can find the passion to hit the streets and mobilize when it hits their pockets directly
There's so much disparity and corruption going on

on a happier note
Hope sends hugs :)

Travis: I double dog dare you to send that video to Gov Walker. ;)

Joy: I do have to say that watching that video (and the Jar Jar one after it) made me laugh hysterically every time. I know I'd watch politicians if they rode unicycles though I think that they already wear clown shoes. :P

Dianne: Right back at you, girl! I need all the hugs I can get. :)

Did it. I urged Gov Walker to negotiate in good faith, and to listen to his constituents rather than dig in his heels on a set course of action.

Travis: Wow! I am impressed. (Did you include the video? lol) Also, I have learned that I will need to be very careful about what I dare you to do. :)

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