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Five on Friday

I'm trying a new thing with Trav's Five on Friday.  This is a special edition ... Five Degrees of Musical Separation.  The idea is that you hear one song that will remind you of the next (or has some link), until you get to five.  You can explain your linkage right away or make people suffer until next Tuesday.  Get All the Details Here.

So, here's my set.  This is my long distance dedication to old school Billy Joel, when he was still young and cynical.  I was really attracted to the poetry of this angry young man.  This is all pre-Christie Brinkley.  After that his songs lost that hard edge.  I've included a couple of the more hopeful ones, but if you listen, you can still hear the cynicism.

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Okay, one of the "rule" of this game is talking about the musical progression. Here's where it gets a little tricky. This isn't the exact order that they came to me. I decided that a few tweaks were necessary to make the set sound better together. The other thing is that I don't think that I did it as Travis intended. I started on "Movin' Out," and then realized that I hadn't listen to Billy in awhile and kind of cherry picked the ones that captured my attention. (Believe me, My Billy Joel collection is extensive. lol) I'll do better next time, I promise. ;)


I'm going to come back and listen after work, because I love early Billy Joel. But I wanted to let you know real quick that your captured the essence of the game quite well. It's about what links the songs. You started with a jump off, and that led you to the rest of the songs.

Be back later!

Great group and I truly enjoy Billy Joel's music. If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy this dance number from the Broadway Play that featured Billy's music and Twyla Tharp's choreography:


Yummy! I haven't listened to BJ in a while either, even though I loved his music when I was in high school. Great playlist!

Travis: Thanks for letting me know. I feel better about it though I've been known to tweak a meme for my own enjoyment. ;)

Jamie: I had forgotten about that musical. I might have to investigate it. (Esp with your handy link that I almost missed.)

Coco: Thanks! :)

You're so right, early Billy Joel was the BEST Billy Joel! And like Travis said, you started with a song and then lept along to the others and that's perfect!

I tend to tweak memes from time to time myself and call it artistic license!

Grew up on LI and saw Billy before he went solo - when he played with The Hassles. Agree his early work was much better

Linda: Yeah, isn't artistic license great! :)

Bond: Wow! I was watching something on Biography about that time period. He seemed to be an even angrier young man then. Very interesting.

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is definitely my favorite from your set, Cherie. I like how your mind wandered through his earlier stuff. New York State of Mind - my all time Billy Joel favorite.

Julia: Oh, NY State of Mind is one of my favs too. Believe me, I considered it.

Finally made it back! This really is a great Set.

If you force me to name a favorite BJ song, it's She's Always a Woman.

Feel free to tweak the game any time!

Travis: Yup, that song is from that same time period, off the same album as all but one of the selections. I had so much fun with it that I've already set up my post for next week. :)

I am listening to your music and Amoeba's trombone. They don't go well together. I couldn't wait until he quit practicing to listen though because I love BJ's early songs.

Quilly: I can see how those two musical styles wouldn't go well together. lol Glad you enjoyed the set. :)

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