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U.S. Botanic Garden

I have well and truly done it. I have my piece of paper that proves that I'm certifiable for spending so much money.  My mom & my step-dad came to D.C. for my graduation.  They came a few days early, so that they could take in some of the sights.

My mother is an avid gardener, and (through contact with so many of my bloggy friends) I've come to enjoy taking pictures of flowers.  So, a visit to the U.S. Botanic Gardens was a no-brainer.

I could flood you with all kinds of pictures of roses and orchids, but I'll limit today's selections to what I thought was the most beautiful and interesting.   They have an extensive rose garden outside with at least 15 different varieties of roses ... among other things.  I though the combination of the coral and purple looked lovely together.

Must have my rose close-up of course. (Thank you Quilly for teaching me how to have a steadier hand.)

There were these twin pools on the east and west side of the buildings. (I think, I was always getting confused about my directions in D.C.)

In the desert terrain area, there was this freaky cactus that looked like a couple spiny octopi.  I think that we have these in West Texas, and if I recall correctly, they turn red in the fall. Very dramatic!

And last, but not least ... a momma ducky and her little babies ... so cute.

I've got to be honest.  There was a professional looking photographer at the garden that day, and I got inspiration on a couple of my shots (especially the duckies) by seeing where she set up her camera.  I wasn't following her, honest, but I figured if she thought something was a good shot, I should as least investigate it.

Have a great week!


WOOT!!!! Congrats to you Larisa. I'm so proud of you. Geeze it just seems like yesterday you were packing up and leaving Texas. Good job my dear sweet friend. I'm glad you got the package. It wasn't anything big but it came from my heart :) Now I can't wait to see what you are going to do next. Love the photos :)

Congratulations on your graduation!

Spike: Well, I really appreciate it anyways. mwah! xoxo

Travis: Thanks! :)

Brava Lady!!
well done
happy graduation

your photos are lovely

Dianne: Glad you like them. :)

Congrats! You worked hard, you earned it -- now, where is God going to send you to use it? Do you know? I am praying for fertile ground!

Quilly: I really don't know where God is sending me, but I'm taking a swing through Texas to see what God puts in my path. I thank you for your prayers.


Lovely picture. The cactus is kind of creepy though. It looks like it could be cast as devil's snare in a Harry Potter film.

Stacy: Thanks so much! And yeah, the creepy cactus does look like it could be something out of Harry Potter! LOL

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