Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Do I Need a Personal Website - Part 2

So, yesterday, I told you all about my old webpage, and how I've never come up with the time, energy, and patience to recreate a new one that fulfilled me like the old one.

I guess the first question is if I continue to have a website, does it have to be like the old one at all?  What is the purpose of having a website?

The purpose of my old site was a place online to introduce myself to the world. Without giving out enough information for a villain to track me down, I tried to present things that showed others who I am. What kinds of movies do I like.  Where do I like to travel. That I like to travel at all. What kind of art interests me, and pictures that I could share with family and friends.

Decorating my site was like decorating my apartment. It also demonstrated my personality and how I wanted to be perceived.

My blog does many of these things, but the website was like a summary of all my blog posts.  Facebook does many of these things, but quite frankly I hate (Yes, I said "hate.") the aesthetics. It might not be important to other people, but it's important to me.

The thing is that no one ever viewed my personal website anyway. How is anyone going to get to know me through it if they never see it? Really, it's pointless.

Perhaps the reason that I could never seem to get the new one right (no matter how hard I worked on it) is that the time of personal websites has passed.  I think that I just need to give up that idea. It's not that big of a deal I guess, but it still makes me a little sad.

(P.S. I have now officially made it half-way through November's NaBloPoMo! *squee*)


Leaving some things behind can be different. But then you find the new thing that grabs your attention and gets you excited.

Good luck with whichever decision you make.

Travis: Yeah, the excitement for this particular project has past. It was one thing to continue to maintain. My heart's not really in it anymore. In any case, I'll live. LOL Certainly not on the magnitude of world peace or anything. :)

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