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The Weather Outside is Frightful

Well, the weather is forecast to be frightful starting tomorrow., but if you know me at all, you know that I have no faith in weather forecasters. (Sorry Deb! lol)
Now, if you're over one year old, the title of this blog post might have reminded you of a particular wintery song, "Let It Snow."  Many parts of the country have already gotten more than they wanted. The ski resorts are probably praying for more as they start up their snow machines. 

It's been snowing.  It could be reasonable to sing "Let It Snow" even if you meant it ironically or sarcastically.  What's not reasonable is to hear Christmas Music on the RADIO before Thanksgiving! I was just coming back from lunch, and what notes should be delivered to my ears?  A Christmas song. I can't tell you which one. My mind has blanked over the traumatic memory.

I mean, I know. Musicians need to practice Christmas music early for performances. Christmas music is recorded in the summer for later release. There's even an instrumental version of  O Holy Night that I leave in rotation on my music player all year round.

I know that stores start putting Christmas decorations out with the Back to School sales, but can we please wait to hear it on the radio until after Thanksgiving?


no wonder too many Americans don't have the sense to be thankful
there's no money in it!

I told a Christmas elf at Macys to get away from me ;)

Dianne: I couldn't figure out what possessed the radio station to do it, and then I thought ... specific sponsor request. Oy!

I listen to some of my December holiday music in June.

Travis: That's totally cool. :) I guess more than anything, I was/am more scared of December holiday music being played 24/7 through the rest of the year. That would seriously drive me bananas. But I guess that's why they put an off switch on the radio, right? :)

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