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Dark Shadows

The day finally arrived. weeks of impatient waiting. I finally got my chance to see Dark Shadows, staring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eva Green.  Since I was anticipating it so much, I had to be careful not to psych myself out with too high of expectations. I kept up a litany of , "It's going to suck ... It's going to suck," all the way to the theater.  And guess what?

It didn't suck!  Well, there were times when sucking was involved, but this is a vampire movie after all. (That's as close as I'll probably ever get to making a pun, so write it down on your calendars.)

I had no previous contact with the tv show, and I think that's a good thing. I had no preconceptions about how it should be. The overarching theme of this movie is the same as Fatal Attraction. Be careful with whom you have casual sex. Your partner may not feel so casually about it, and that could come back to haunt you and everyone you love in the end.

I've seen the genre for this film described as Comedy/Scifi/Fantasy/Horror, and to that I would say, yes. It wasn't as campy as I was expecting. There were scary parts, but it didn't cross my threshold (which is very low). 

I had a good time. Costumes were great. Johnny was fun. If I had to make one criticism, it would be that it almost seemed like a tv show pilot. They introduced several different threads, and I didn't feel like they spent enough time on them. You know the way they do for a tv pilot, and then over the course of a tv season they flesh the threads out. More than you would need for a squeal though the door's open for that too.

If I was ranking it I would say 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


You're probably the better type of audience for the film. You like Depp and you're not a fan of the original show. My problem with it is that I am familiar with the original program. The trailers I have seen for the film completely turned me off.

Plus, I'm not really a Depp fan. Going back to 21 Jump Street, I always thought he got more than his fair share of good story, to the detriment of a couple of other really good actors on the show. And I didn't get what people said was so special. Still don't.

I loved 21 Jump Street! (And I have no intention of seeing that film, also out this summer, I think, for the reasons that you don't want to see Dark Shadows.) I really can take or leave Depp, but I did like Pirates of the Caribbean, so anything that reminds me of that gets my antennae going. :)

I don't know whether you like super-hero movies, but if you do, I highly recommend The Avengers. I saw it last week, and it is Awesome! :D

I loved the original show but I can divorce myself from that to enjoy the movie
I adore Depp

glad you had a good time

Are you going to get to see it in the theater?

I want to see this, but I want to see some episodes of the original series first.

So many people that I've talked to really love the original series. Good luck on your quest. :)

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