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Madagascar 3

I see that Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted  remained at #1 at the box office for a second weekend, and I am not surprised. I found this to be a really fun movie. It was like a non-stop roller-coaster ride.

Not having been bowled over by the previous two installments of this series. I'm only marginally familiar with the characters. Bottom line is that these are four animals from a NYC zoo that found themselves in Madagascar and have been trying to get themselves back home ever since. They have picked up some zany characters along the way.

In part 3, they have made it to Europe, but now they have an animal control crew, led by a Cruella DeVil type character with a French accent.

The only way that they can find to move across Europe is by joining up with a circus. Comedy ensues. Really funny! Sight gags, phenomenal. And, the zany supporting characters just great.

Okay, so the plot is somewhat predictable, but what do you want, it's a comedy.  The visuals are stunning. There are aspects of it that remind me of Fantasia. Due to the effects that I saw in the trailers for the movie. I opted for 3D. It was so totally worth it! The film makers definitely gave us aspects of "fly on the wall" perspective with their use of 3D. It made it so much more fun. It wasn't overdone. I thought it was a very good balance.

If you want some summer fun, I highly recommend Madagascar 3. And if you can see it in 3D, go for it. Live a little. ;)

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  (Not sure how I could have liked it more, but...)


My favorite thing about the Madagascar movies is the penguins.


Yes, Rico...kaboom.



Truth be told, they're my favorite part too. However, I liked the line (or something to the effect), "Zebras can't drive. Only humans and penguins can drive!" :P

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