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Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I have been anticipating The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for months. I've been seeing trailers for it for I don't know how long. You know, when you're looking forward to something for so long, it can be hard for it to live up to your expectations. I didn't go so far as to repeat the mantra, "I'm going to hate it. I'm going to hate it, etc." in an effort to psych myself out, but I have to say that I really did enjoy this film.

This film's been in limited release since May 3rd-ish, and it's still in the top 10. That's got to mean something.  At first, I think that this film was just in NYC, Chicago, and LA for the first couple of weeks, and then it went a bit wider.  However, it still hasn't made it to my town, so guess what that meant ... road trip!

I drove down to a theater just north of Salt Lake City. It was a gorgeous day, the perfect day for a drive, beautiful blue sky. I had all the windows down with my hair blowing in the wind and singing with the radio.  I haven't got out town much since arriving in Pocatello. This was a good to get away.

This film has a great British cast (my primary reason for wanting to see the film). The premise is of a group of Brits reaching retirement age, but for various reasons, they can't afford the retirement life they'd like in Britain. They see the brochure for the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for a rate they can afford. The movie is about the different ways that they cope with the overwhelming experience of India.

I would have to say that India itself is a character in the movie. Sometimes she's loving. Sometimes she's angry, but she's never boring. There is also the story of the hotel manager who wants to make such a perfect experience for his elderly guests that they will not die.

I was entirely charmed by this movie. I love the characters, all the characters (even the ones I don't like).  I love the way that they interact with each other and the way that they interact with India. And Spoiler Alert, that interaction does not always run smooth.

Last but not least, this movie has one of my favorite lines of all time, "... Everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright, it is not yet the end."

Was the road trip worth it? You bet! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Rating: 4 out of 5


I was going to mention that line
I heard it in the trailer and had to write it down, it's wonderful
quite the cast
sounds like the drive as as enjoyable as the movie

It was a wonderful day all around. :)

Isn't it great to come across a gem like that? Even better that your anticipation was rewarded.

After watching (and enjoying) the trailers for such a long time, I built up an expectation of how it would be. It was nice to enjoy the scenes I knew about, but also have quite a few surprises. :)

We've been repeating that line over and over since the movie ended! My hubs had just been in India the week before we saw the movie and felt like the film captured the essence pretty well. It was missing the aromas though : )

I also loved that these older actresses were so natural-such great talents!

That line just really seems to be a good way to keep things in perspective and wait upon the Lord.

That line was amazing and I heard it in one of the trailers and have been wanting to watch the movie ever since. Still haven't seen it, but I think this will be on my movies-to-watch list for sure!!!

There's certainly some great wisdom there.

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