Saturday, October 20, 2012

Election Fatigue

I am so ready for this presidential election to be OVER! I can only imagine what it must be like if you live in a "battleground state." Both sides are lying misrepresenting the facts. Both are attacking their opponent in a fraudulent way.

It is times like these that I wish we had a system more like the one in the United Kingdom where the "official" general election campaign is about four weeks. Here in the United States the next presidential campaign will presumably begin the minute after all of the "hanging chads"  ballots have been counted.

Right now, I have an intense dislike for both of the presidential candidates. I am not quite sure which is the least bad option (to paraphrase Argo). There has been a lot of talk about undecided voters these past few weeks. Many people do not believe that it is possible for an intelligent person not to have made a decision yet. Perhaps, it is more of a question of picking between the lessor of two evils. Who wants to make that kind of decision before they have to? For that, I have some sympathy.

Truth be told, I made my decision. I made it months ago. However, it's not too late for that person to lose my vote. I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the only person that feels that way. I just wish it was already over!

P.S. I was going to include an image from the 2nd debate, but I really don't want to look at either of them right now.


I'm with you, and feeling rather nostalgic for the first few years I was eligible to vote in a presidential election. It seemed so much easier to choose then. Either I was fantastically naive or there is more at stake. Or I'm old and jaded.

Since I don't live in a battleground state, I have successfully avoided the big time campaign ads. I mute most of what I see. I did not watch any of the debates because I was decided as soon as the primaries were finished.

I voted by mail this weekend and am remarkably content.

Joy: I'm the one that's old and jaded. lol Back when I was first voting, I actually believed what politicians said. Now, I feel that they will say whatever they have to say to get elected. The game is trying to figure out what they really think.

Travis: I try to keep the sound down too, but sometimes it's like passing a car wreck. I know I shouldn't, but my eyes are involuntarily drawn to it. Congratulations on voting! :)

I agree that the American campaign system is too long and way too mean. I always say I will vote for the nicer person, and the one that doesn't outspend the other. But, there just is never anyone like that who decides to get into politics. Plus, I think even if they go into campaigning for an office with the right intent in their heart, something happens along the way. Did you see the old movie "The Candidate"? (with Robert Redford.) I, too, already know who I will vote for and I've know for along time. So, I wish I had a button to just turn off all the campaigning. A person can dream! ( :

Marla: Let me know if you find that button, will you? I tried the "mute" on my tv remote, but it doesn't block everything. lol At least we're a little closer to the end of this cycle.

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