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Hodgepodge - Out Like a Lion?

Ending the month with some March inspired questions in this week's Hodgepodge. Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond once again has provided an interesting variety of questions. Come and play!

1. March is known as the windy month. Which of the following phrases best fits your March so far...'throw caution to the wind', 'three sheets to the wind', 'run like the wind', or 'see which way the wind blows'?

It certainly has been very windy here, literally. I guess the phrase that matches my life recently would be "see which way the wind blows." I have been unsure whether my position was going to be eliminated at work. Now, I'm pretty confident now about getting a year contract extension. Just need to get one more "t" crossed. So that's some good news. :)

2. Your favorite green food? Your favorite dish made with your favorite green food?

That would definitely be pesto. Favorite dish? Anything made with pesto. ;)

3. Ever been locked out of your home-car-office-anywhere? Do tell!

All of the above. The most recent one was when I was locked out of my car last July. I was traveling with my mother through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I was in a rush to get to the boat dock before it closed, and left the keys on the console. We made the boat, but naturally, I didn't realize that I didn't have my keys until we were returning to the car.

Luckily, my AAA was in full force, and a really cute tow truck driver was there within 45 minutes to retrieve my keys from the car. I was actually very impressed by the method that he used that didn't damage the car in any way. He also was very kind and didn't make me feel like a fool. He earned a slightly larger tip because of that. ;)

4. Yoda, Kermit, Shrek, The Wicked Witch of the West, Oscar the Grouch, The Grinch, or Mike Wasowski (Monsters Inc.)...of the green characters listed, which one's your favorite and why?

It would have to be Kermit because I've known him all my life. I remember him from Sesame Street, & I loved him in The Muppet Show. He somehow was always the voice of reason in a chaotic world. Self deprecating yet self confident. It's a hard wire the balance on, but Kermit has negotiated it magnificently.

5. "The first task of a leader is to keep hope alive."~Joe Batten Do you agree? Why or why not?

Sure. People have to be inspired in order to put in the effort required to be consistently successful. The leader needs to provide the vision then be the cheerleader that gets all the people across the finish line.

6. Share a favorite song with an emotion in it's title.

" Happy" is still my current favorite song. Listening to it makes me ...

7. What's a road trip you'd like to take?

Since realizing that I probably will have a job after July 1st, I've been fantasizing about having some sort of vacation in the summer. I've been thinking about two places. The first is just outside the north east entrance of Yellowstone. It's a beautiful overlook that has the most incredible smell of pine. I want to experience that again.

The other please is the southwest corner of Colorado. I drove thru there on my way to Idaho from West Texas. It looks so different from the idea I have about Colorado. It's around the Mesa Verde, beautiful farmland with rolling hills. I was driving so intently from point A to point B that I didn't have a chance to appreciate it. I would love to have that opportunity again.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I cannot believe the outrage generated by Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover. I like nice clothes. I'm not a fashionista. No doubt this will sound a bit condescending, but find Vogue to be a bit superficial. I haven't read it in a while, but the last time I did for every page of fashion lay outs there were about 5 pages of ads.

First, I don't follow the Kardashians by any stretch of the imagination. However, the picture of Kim and Kanye on the cover is beautiful. The clothes are exquisite. So, people are complaining about the fact that these beautiful people are wearing beautiful clothes on the cover of a fashion magazine? Really? I'm sure that I missing something, but in comparison with all the horrible things going on in the world today, it doesn't seem worth the energy that people are putting into it.


I have never had pesto, but would love to try someday. One of our family's New Years resolution was to try a lot of new recipes in 2014. Pesto is on that list.

Though I'm not a Kim and Kanye fan, I don't understand all the backlash their photo has caused. I love Pesto...and Colorado!

Joyful: Basil and garlic is a magical combination. Pesto could actually change your life. And, I'm not an adventurous eater, so that's saying something. ;)

April: I guess we'll all see if Vogue survives this travesty. lol :)

I let Happy play while I was reading your the song. That is great news on your job! I haven't eaten much pesto, will have to check it out. I do love Kermit a lot....will be seeing his movie today. So what is wrong with the cover. I don't follow the news but I didn't see anything wrong with the Vogue cover and yes those magazines are nothing but ads!

I'm glad your job appears secure for another year. I make a super simple dip using pesto and people always ask for the recipe. It tastes more complicated than it is : ) Spread one package cream cheese in the bottom of a pan (I use a pretty tart pan, but a pie pan is the size you're looking for) On top of the cream cheese spread one small jar of pesto. Top that with one jar of chopped sun dried tomatoes (drained) and top that with a handful of toasted pine nuts. Serve with crackers-delicious!

Debby: Seeing the new Muppet movie is on my list of things to do. :)

Joyce: That sounds like such a great recipe! Thanks for sharing it. :)

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