Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dancing with the Stars - Week 4

We're here with week four. Two time DWTS pro champion, Julianne Hough is here as a guest judge. This week the stars will be switching up with new partners for this week only as selected by Twitter fans. And bonus there will be no eliminations this week. They will wait until next week when the stars will be back with the original partners.

Candice will be dancing with Tony. The challenge is that different than teachers training in different ways, and our stars will have to adapt to that. However that's also the good part because I'll be able to see the dances and whole new ways.  And, I won't have pictures of the temporary couples the week. I suppose I could have taken pictures of my tv, but that really doesn't work well. lol

Tonight Candice and Tony will be dancing the quickstep. Costuming is very rock and roll ,and Tony's dancing in sneakers. This is probably the first time I've seen quick step in sneakers. So, its a classic quickstep with a rock and roll beat. They're dancing to the song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "Ballroom Blitz." I must say that she kept up with it. Quickstep is difficult at the best of times. We'll see have to see how the judges saw it. I'd probably give an 8. The judges were tougher with total of 28/40.

Our next couple will be James and Cheryl dancing the the tango. Very sharp with varying tempo. Great top line. Cheryl is fantastic at teaching guys to lead, and I think she took James to the next level on that score. The dance was incredible. Cheryl was hoping to score a 10 as he got all 9's last week with Peta. I'm borderline on giving him that 10. Definitely worthy of 9s. The judges are very positive. The total score: 35/40.

Drew is with Whitney, and they'll be dancing the cha cha. Drew has his James Brown freak on. I don't know about the Latin hip action, but he's leading really well and handling the choreography. He's so into it and having so much fun. I love it. I don't know about the judges, but I'm giving him an 8 again. Decent comments translates to a total score of 33/40.

Danica is dancing with Maks, and she described him as laid back. Who knew? Looks like they're dancing the jive. A lot of jive has been dance on the show this season so far but I don't remember whether Danica has done it. But I really like this. Nice and energetic with flicks and kicks. Into the rhythm. I would score her an 8 maybe 9. Apparently, there was some problem with the music in the beginning. I didn't notice, but all the judges had already scored her before they found out about the problem. The judges give a total of 32/40. It's across the board, so based on the comments, they scored her pretty high.

Charlie will be partnered with Peter, and they will the dancing the rumba. As he has all season, Charlie is hitting great lines, and the whole thing is very dramatic and smooth. Lead is great, but I am seeing an issue that's often gets comments from the judges in a rumba. There is supposed to be a sharpness to international style rumba, but due to the Latin hip motion that continues though the couple isn't traveling.  There's actually supposed to be constant movement within the overall impression of quick movement to sharp stops. Len is up first, and he's all over this issue. He says that he wouldn't even call it a rumba. It's more like a contemporary number, beautiful dancing but not a rumba. Julianne and Bruno loved it, but Carrie was more with Len. She's also the lift police for the judges table, and claims one was in there. Her score will definitely reflect that. I would give it an 8. The total for the judges is 33/40.

Amy and Mark will be together this week, and they're dancing salsa. Amy's working on prosthetic legs, and the rehearsal package reflects how much Mark is having to adapt his style to accommodate that. It will be interesting to see the result. I have to say that I'm distracted by the fact that it looks like her footwear doesn't have an actual heal on it, like a normal shoe would. Dancing completely on the toes. I can't imagine how difficult that must be to do. The salsa looks sexy, and from the very first week Amy has had great hip action. Very often, especially in salsa there's a lot of what we refer to as "flash and trash" to cover over less than impressive ballroom content. This was full on dancing, no flash and trash required, and the judges comments agreed with that. All that being said, I'm scoring 8. The judges total 34/40.

Cody is dancing with Sharna. They're both Australians, so that should be fun. They're dancing the foxtrot. He's got musicality and smoothness of movement, but I've got some issues with his posture. I'm not sure whether it's his jacket the shoulder pads, but he looks like he's Hunching his shoulders up. He's also slouched over a bit. That does not help a top line for a fox trot. Its the same problem that I had with Drew last week. But he's handling the choreography great, and it looks very smooth. Once again I'm calling an 8. Judges total 31/40.

NeNe will be dancing with Derek. There's an interesting height difference. Luckily they have jazz this week. That should make it easier, and Derek is a great choreographer. The dance was fierce. NeNe was really into it, but I've felt like there was a bit of awkwardness. I'm no jazz expert, so I won't give a score, but the judges seemed to really like it. Total judges score, 32/40.

Our last couple is Meryl with Val, and they're dancing an Argentine tango. I have very high expectations. *pause* I'm going to have to watch that back before I can have any comments. I was riveted. Good thing I taped it, today. *ahem* Okay, I'm back. Sharp and precise. The lines are beautiful. Total commitment to character and movement. No detail is too small. Everything is finished and complete. Totally sexy without being raunchy. Really an incredible dance. Speechless due to greatness is an automatic 10 for me, despite a couple of very minor baulbles. The judges were blown away, too. The scores total 39/40.

The elimination next week is going to be based on all the judges scores and all of the viewer votes. Regardless of whether someone's at the top of the leader board based on judges scores or at the bottom, it is anybody's game. No matter who it is, it's going to hurt because the stars are now emotionally committed, and they're giving it their all. We saw some great dancing tonight.

Next week is going to be all Disney inspired. Wonder what that's going to look like? Like this with the  change of partners this week, it could be either very good or a total train wreck. We'll have to wait and see.

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