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Saturday 9: The Last Time

It’s Saturday 9 time! Check ‘em out!

Saturday 9: The Last Time

1. When was the last time you bought something for someone else, and what was it? Last night, I bought dinner for my roommate.

2. When was the last time you complimented someone, and what was their reaction? Yesterday, their reaction was to deny it and then compliment me. It became kind of a mutual admiration contest. Those are always fun. :)

3. When was the last time you had to return a purchase to the store? What was it and why? I don't know if this technically applies, but this week I had to contact the company from whom I'm renting my textbooks. One (of like a total of 20) never arrived. I explained to them that I had to buy the book in the meantime, and they cheerfully refunded my money.

See Quilly, I told you I would look into that. ;) They saved me some serious buckage. It basically cost me half of what they would have cost otherwise. Even if this school's bookstore had a buy-back policy (which they don't), I'd never get back as much as I'm saving by renting them. They also have a "library" service that works a lot like Flickr. If anyone's interested why don't you go on over to Quilly's and click on her link, so that she can make a few pennies. :)

4. When was the last time you had an ice cream cone? Far too long, but really only a few months @ Dairy Queen. Haven't seen any of those her in DC, but they've got a lot of other neat places.

5. When was the last time you had to go to the doctor's office? It's been a REALLY long time since I've been, so I really couldn't say.

6. When was the last time you were embarrassed by something you did? What was it and what happened? REALLY embarassed? I think I've blocked if from my memory banks. I really don't remember ... really! lol

7. When was the last time a stranger was kind to you? I come across kind strangers all the time. The one that's sticking in my mind was from yesterday. A cashier at a store told me that I could get free validated parking in a shopping area where I'd paid to park (and had a hard time finding a place at that).

8. When was the last time you locked yourself out of your home? What did you do? I don't think that I want to talk about it. Might jinx myself. ;) lol

9. When was the last time you thought about cheating (on anything, a test or a person)? If I'm defining "cheating" as doing anything outside the normal rules of society (This would include speeding, running a red light, cutting in line at the grocery store, etc.), I probably think about it every day, but I try really hard to resist. I don't always succeed. (Does anybody?) :)

Have a Great Weekend! :)


I can't cut in line. I jusr can't. Something inside me refuses to allow it. Speeding however I have a hard time NOT doing!

Thanks for the BookSwim plug.

Quilly: Those were just examples. No inference should be made as to whether I'm tempted by those activities ... Some of the things that I thought of were much worse. :p And hey, if I find a good product, I want everyone to know about it. So often people only say something if it's bad. I'm happy to share news about something that WORKS! :)

Ah your number 9 is true if you think about it that way. Great answers. MWAH

Spike: Thanks! Your answers are always an "inspiration". LOL :)

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