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Three Word Thursday

This is hosted @ Quilly's Pacific Paradise, and we use antique words in (hopefully) wild and wonderful ways. Stop by Quilly's place to check out all of the creative geniuses.

This week's words:
  • sublunary adj 1. Situated beneath the moon; 2. Of this world; earthly.
  • comity noun 1 a: friendly social atmosphere : social harmony
  • specious adj 1. apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing or plausible: specious arguments; 2. pleasing to the eye but deceptive.
The Misadventures of Malcontent Myrtle Macintosh
Roger stood watch by Myrtle as she slept (though “sat” might be the more appropriate term). He had found on overstuffed velvet chair that he placed near her sleeping form. When he heard the birds begin to sing, he looked around for some coffee finding nothing but some canned chicken broth.

This will do in a pinch, he thought. And she will certainly need something when she awakes.

Finally, he thought that he heard her stir. He held out the mug of broth to her and said, “You sure did put on a show.”

He had tried to sound stern, but Roger regarded Myrtle with an indulgent eye. Even hung over, she could never be regarded as a sublunary creature. Though the deserted bar was terribly tenebrous, she positively glowed.

He remembered fondly the comity of last night. Myrtle had put on a show, but it was only because she allowed her true loving nature to escape the embittered shell that she used in every day life to protect herself. For one night, she had turned into a social butterfly talking to all she saw and dancing with everyone. Unfortunately, the people who thought they knew her would think her especially specious, but Roger knew differently.

If only he could figure out a way to get the world to see Myrtle as he did.

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And for next week's words ... antediluvian; prolix; & ineluctable

(The picture is of Cary Grant, but I'll be honest. I have no idea what it's from. I found it HERE.)


Roger is definitely in love. Very good use of the words.

Liked the use of the words.

This story is sooooo good. Roger is head over heals in love with Myrtle. Excellent and great use of the words :)

Just loved the story and the use of the words.

Aw... nothing like a good love story. First, of course, he has to get Myrtle to see herself... I know he'll succeed.

ohhhh... there's a romance in the making.
great story

Oh, goody! I love a romance. After the first episode, I feared Roger was going to be the source of all Myrtle's unhappiness! I anxiously await the next episode.

Nessa: They say it's a many splendored thing. lol

Betty: Thanks!

Thom: Awww shucks. ;)

Dr. John: Appreciate that!

Raven: True enough.

Juliana: I hope you're right.

Quilly: One never knows. ;)

Excellent little story. It can be tough to make such words flow. But you achieved it here.

Well done!

Travis: That's the idea. Thanks! :)

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