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Snowmagedon 2010 and Sequel...Snowverkill

Hello friends. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've had more blog posts in the last week than in the last month. To what do you owe this brush with literary greatness? I would like to take the credit myself, but that would not be fair. It's been due to the one/two punch of Snowmagedon and Snowverkill that hit the East Coast within the last week.

I usually think that these sensationalized names for weather events are pretty stupid, but they hit the mark with this one. It all started with Snowmagedon on Friday and Saturday, which hit us with 27.5 inches. (That's almost 2 1/2 feet, people.) I've lived in places where they get snow (MN & Upstate NY), and this is a lot. I don't care who you are, unless you live in the Colorado Rockies ... Yes, I'm talking to you, Lisa. lol

While they do have snowplows here, which they did not in West Texas, it still has been taking them a long time to get all the streets plowed. You know how I've complained about the road system in DC? That makes it impossible to do efficient snow removal.

By Tuesday, we were just on the verge of recovery. Main roads were all clear. Side roads were almost passable ... almost. Then, we got hit with a two day snowstorm sequel, Snowverkill. It was just crazy. Even though we didn't get as much snow, it was almost worse with the much colder temps and the high winds. But we still got another 10-15 inches. If you're keeping track, that's now over a yard of snow in less than a week.

Like they say, a picture's worth a thousand words. Here's a few that will give you an idea of what it was like. For once the weather forecasters did not over-exaggerate the story. I included a few pictures from earlier in the season to give you some perspective. So where were you during Snowmagedon 2010. I've heard that they're already starting to make T-shirts. ;)

(Note: The I lifted the last two pics from the interwebs. The basketball hoop was from the Washington Post, and the other was from Twitter.)


3 feet of snow. Psshhht, that's nothing. LOL! Seriously, that is a bunch of snow for you guys! Doesn't all that snow make things more fun, though? Look at those grownups sledding.

Great photos, Cherie! Thanks for sharing. I love the basketball hoop and the snowman. LOL!

Lisa: I'd say that it stopped being fun after the 6-10" in December. Now, it just keeps screwing up my plans. LOL And I probably ought to fess up. Those last two pics aren't mine. (I've edited my post accordingly.) But they're still really cool. :)

I still say it's very pretty. I liked it all.

A New Old Fairy Tale

Nessa: I would agree with you if I weren't ever so slightly claustrophobic. Being stuck here is driving me batty. Hoping that I'll be able to get beyond the parking lot tomorrow. Gotta give the maintenance crew kudos though. They did a great job in the parking lot. It's in MUCH better shape than the streets. lol

Travis: That's a good word for it. LOL

My goodness...when it snows it pours. I loved the slide show. You know in your comment to Nessa saying that it's claustrophobic your not the only one saying that. I guess you have to live in it to know about that end of it. But my sweet friend, the pictures are wonderful and thank you for sharing them. :) MWAH

I think, for once, Michigan has comparatively mild weather. Hope you're dealing okay!

You know it's bd when the snowmen are attempting suicide.

Spike: (Did I actually call you Thom in one of these recent responses? What was I thinking?! lol) I was able to get out a little today, and it's made a world of difference. Took some pics of dirty snowbanks, wanna see? :) Mwah! xxoo

Stacy: Yeah, mostly they seem to be tracking south before coming up the coast this winter.

Quilly: That's what I thought! Expresses my thoughts exactly. LOL

your photos are great!
I love your captions too
'one with the snowbank' !! LOL

Dianne: I take that as a great compliment from the master captions. :)

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