Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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What's Up with Pluto

As I sit here in the midst of Snowmagedon Part 2: Snowverkill, I figured that this is the best time to clue you into some very interesting news about Pluto. Apparently, there's some global warming going on there.

Scientists have concluded that the increased redness indicated on the latest pictures through the Hubble telescope indicate temperature fluctuations.

Could it be that Pluto is entering its "summer" season in its 248 year trip around the sun? But don't book that tropical vacation yet. Temperatures still average -382 F (-233 C).

All things considered, I'll keep Snowmagedon. lol

Reference: (2010/02/05 04:36:18 GMT)

Next time ... Updates on Snowmagedon 2010.


ROFLMAO!!! Who care's It's not even in our solar system or wait...didn't they just say it's not one of our planets any longer? Same smell I suppose. Hey, I just say on CNN they were showing 3rd Street or Avenue and showed the National Mall towards the Washington Monument. Couldn't see a thing. I hope you are safe and warm and have plenty of food. They say it's suppose to get worse this afternoon. So my sweet one...baton down the hatches. :) MWAH!!!! XOXOXO

Are humans responsible for global warming on Pluto, too?


Thom: Well, the "heavenly body" known as Pluto did not cease to exist, so it's still in our solar system. But it HAS been reclassified to a dwarf planet, so kids probably don't have to include it on their science projects anymore. LOL Yeah, the weather's pretty crazy here at the moment. Visibility is terrible, but we have food, heat, and electricity (at the moment). Consider the hatches battened down. Mwah! xxoo

Nessa: I think that would depend on who you asked. We did send a space probe that way once if I recall correctly. ;)

Hmmm, I bet Amoeba wouldn't have any heat rash problems on Pluto -- and I wouldn't be forever making ice cubes for his tea and soda!

I think Pluto got redder because he got pissed off at being called a dwarf!

Quilly: You make great points there Q! :)

Dianne: LOLOL, I'm sure that you're right! :D

Kind of puts our measly 3-4 month winter in perspective, eh?

Travis: That's certainly true. lol (btw, I've got a dance video in my post for tomorrow that I think you'll really enjoy.)

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