Friday, February 12, 2010

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The Tango You Say?

Someone just showed me this truly unique Tango performance. It is so amazing that I had to share it. If you remember that the definition of dance is the movement of bodies to music and the sensual nature of the Tango, you will not be disappointed. (Sorry, the dance teacher in me came out just for a moment. lol)

I give you ... The Tango!


In all my life, I've never seen a Tango with a pole especially where the guy uses it as well. That was truly different and awesome I must say. Thanks for sharing :) MWAH!!!

Very cool, Cherie! The choreography is extraordinary.

Thom: I could hardly believe my eyes. I stand in awe of their thighs. lol Mwah! xoxo

Nessa: Indeed! :)

Lisa: Truly inspirational!

What is on that pole? How do they defy gravity that way? Incredible.

And it may not be traditional, but the body language is very definitely tango.

Quilly: I really think that is comes from the world of circus and acrobatics, but it's also incredibly Tango. Rawrrrr ... ;)

Wow...the strength that took! You couldn't see any effort in the way they moved up and down that pole. I watch gymnastics and you can see the strain on the muscles of those athletes. But these two acrobats/dancers made every move in this Tango look like nothing.

Great stuff!

Travis: Yeah, there's one part there where the guy lifts himself to vertical with just arm strength (The girl did a kind of back walkover, but he did the straight press. But then the Tango character was SO impressive. I knew you would love it. :)

wow! to be able to move like that!!

Dianne: Isn't it just amazing! :)

Happy Valentine's Day my dear sweet friend to you and your family :) I hope you have a wonderful day :) Gung Hei Fat Choy :)

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