Friday, October 3, 2008

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The Grass Is Always Greener

Depending on where you're reading this and how long you've known me, you may or may not know that I have begun a quest, a quest to bike 26 miles ... in a row. :) Why 26? I hear you asking. I asked that question myself of another individual. To make a long story short, it's basically a random number, kind of a challenge of what a friend of mine does on a regular basis.

So, I'm working up to this, and for the past couple of weeks I've noticed something ... big fuzzy caterpillars crossing the road. I've been taking my laps around a naturalistic area in West Texas, blacktop separating grassy areas. Both sides are fully of more food than a caterpillar could dream of, and yet everyday I see at least two dozen trying to cross to the other side.

Parts of my route is a relatively narrow path, other parts are on a real live road, and daily I see these rippling furry things crossing to the other side, sometimes at quite a clip. I have only one question ... Why?! Why would they risk life and limbs to go to another field that arguably has less food than the one they just left?

One of them today took the prize. It wasn't just trying to cross the road. It was headed down the road. Obviously, it didn't have its driver's license because it was on the wrong side. Sometimes two will be crossing in opposite directions within ten inches of each other. It's an effort not to squish them sometimes as I'm pedaling through. Poor little things scurrying past one other, each thinking that the side that they're headed towards is better.

Is one side greener? They both look pretty much the same to me. ;)


Meanwhile, I've been reminded that I've been falling down on the job. I missed Skywatch Friday, again. I have a good excuse this time. My power was out come posting time, so I missed my window. Next week, I promise, but I decided to share another pic that I like from the Sandhills State Park in Monahans. I tried to give this one the vintage look. :)


I love that photo!! Definitely has an old west look

your caterpillars sound like a metaphor for daily life :)

might make a great story

good on you (as CF would say) for the bike riding!!

26 miles is a marathon distance right?

Yeah, that caterpillar thing is just freaky. It is just like people oblivious to everything else headed with great drive to someplace that is just as good as where they are right now. And I certainly paint myself with that same brush.

And yeah, 26 miles is for marathon running. LOL While I'll still be quite thrilled to reach it on bike, it's a whole different animal than covering that distance on foot. LOL

But thanks for being patient with me and continuing to check in. I'll be by later to see what adventures Finola is getting into. ;)

I love that pic! Very cool. Very old westish!

Wow! 26 miles?!!!?! You go girl!

Thank you very much!

I'm not quite up to 26 miles yet though I did hit 16.8 today, over 1/2 way. :) But I may have hit the wall. Of course, I used to think that when I was at 6. lol

Thanks for stopping by. :) I dropped over at your place, and I see that congratulations are in order! That's fantastic! :D

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