Friday, April 17, 2009

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Friday's Fave Five

Okay, here’s my Fave Five things from this week! As always, these are in no particular order ...

1) Calls from my mother and my auntie. My mother let me know that her bunny box arrived safe and sound. (I was beginning to get a bit concerned.) And I got to let her know that I received a box too though hers would be more properly classified as a “lamb box.” I don’t know. It doesn’t roll off the tongue like “bunny box.” But it was still much appreciated! Thanks Mom! I’ve named him Melvin. Welcome to the family!

2) Easter Morning. It all came together. Three different groups are doing the same Bible Study as the one that my class is doing. We are sharing the DVDs, but we are all in different places. Our lesson for this week was about “Reversal of Destiny,” and the lesson concluded about the biggest reversal of destiny ever. Jesus who had died was Risen. That’s what it is all about. When we started this study, we had no idea that Lesson Six would be on Easter Sunday. But God knew. And we all got an extra lesson about the Glory of God.

3) A friend writing in an East Texas accent. My favorite of the week was, “See heah, gal... In a reg'lar ol' Satiddy night social, who leads when a gennelman and a lady daince? Gol' durn it, hit ain't the lady! Does thet hep you enny?”

(ETA: Belatedly realized that a translation may be in order. (Thanks Thom!) It says, "Charming young woman, at a normal Saturday evening ball, who leads when a gentleman and a lady dance? Certainly, it is not the lady! Does that help you any?" LOL)

4) Singing puppets and other assorted "fictional characters."

5) Lemon butter sauce. Had that on my pasta last night for supper. Mmmm … My mouth is watering just thinking about it (either that or it’s time for lunch). LOL

Have a great weekend!

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LOL...I lived in Texas before moving here to Honolulu and I'm going to have to freshen up on my Texas drawl 'yall. Welcome Melvin. The singing puppets were hysterical and your pasta sauce sounds wonderful. Have any you wanna share :) Have a great weekend and wonderful FFF

Adorable bunnies and lanbs. So cute. Lemon butter sauce sounds very delish!

Thom: You made me realize that I should have included a translation! LOL I've corrected that oversight. :) Thanks!

Nessa: They are now sitting happily on a chair in the living room, nestled in fluffy pillows.

If I wasn't stuffed, I'd be wanting you to share that lemon butter sauce.

I loved your little collage.

Aren't they so cute! My momma's so good to me. (Bunny w/baby from a previous year.) :)

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