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Christmas Film Festival

This year, being so far from the familiar, friends, and family, I find myself having a harder time than usual making the transition to the Christmas season. From the church perspective, that's what Advent is all about. But even though I'm participating in the chapel choir and am surrounded by churchy people, I'm far to wrapped up in other biblical studies to meditate on the season in a thoughtful way.

I also don't have that connection to the outside world that bombards us with reminders that Christmas is coming. There aren't the constant commercials. I am not in stores loaded with decorations. I am not sitting in my car listening to the radio on my way into work. And yet, I'm aware that it's all going on somewhere out there.

I've been trying to remember what I normally do to get myself psyched up. I realize that I have some perennial things that I watch that get me in the right frame of mind. They're secular, but I still love them. They still embody the Christmas spirit and are a great jumping off point to get into the more religious stuff. (Wow, this is getting way more "intense" than I intended.)

Without further adieu, I present my list for my annual Christmas Film Festival. The Season just wouldn't be the same for me without them.

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol. There's just something about singing rats that make me happy.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated version). So many things to love in this 22 minute adventure that I can't possibly list them all. One of my favorites is the unconditional love of Max for the Grinch always warms my heart, not to mention those antlers.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Another short and sweet animated piece that covers so many aspects of how people feel during the holidays but also remembering what it's all about. And the music is great. I could listen to it all year round.

There are a couple of others that I like to watch, but I'm afraid that they're all packed up and 1800 miles away. But these will do.

What are your favorites? Or what other "required" activities do you have that make it feel like the holidays?


These, plus White Christmas & Holiday Inn.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are Spikes two favs :) MWAH!!!

Great post, Cherie!

I love Vince Guaraldi's soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"! Add to that list of films "Jack Frost" and "Elf"--and of course, "It's a Wonderful Life."

As far as activities that help get me "in the mood": Decorating the house is a must; my town's annual Holiday Parade (this Saturday); baking; and viewing light displays."

How about you? There must be activities going on in D.C. that just scream, "Christmas!" LOL!

It must be especially hard, though, being in a strange place during the holidays, particularly where preparations for the season are at a minimum. But, on the flip side (because there's always a flip side), it must be nice not to be bombarded by all things Christmas, all the time. You get to more fully enjoy the non-commercial aspects of the holiday. You know, all that "Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men," stuff. :) Personally, I would love to ease into the holidays a bit more gently. I always feel like I get slapped in the face with it as soon as Thanksgiving is over. LOL!

Quilly: Yes Holiday Inn was always a favorite. I would watch it every year during the PBS December fund-drive. It seems that they would always show the Glenn Miller Story too.

Spike: Good ol' Rudolph. :)

Lisa: I'm sure that there are loads of things around DC, but I don't have a chance to get off campus. Right this very second, I should be working on a paper that's due tomorrow morning. (And read for another class tomorrow, and work on a project due Friday morning, and, and, and ...) LOL I'm thinking about sticking around in DC a couple of days after the semester ends to take in the sights. :)

I love the Charlie Brown Christmas

I always feel the season has started when I watch Miracle on 34th Street

I definitely think you should try to see some of the DC holiday sights after the semester ends, I was in DC one holiday season and it was amazing!!

Oh, right, you have loads of work to do before the end of the semester, don't you? Those pesky deadlines! When you've put down your pencil after the last final you can hopefully enjoy some of the holiday festivities going on in the city. :)

Dianne: I will try, and I'm sure that I'm in sophisticated Christmas decoration territory in this neighborhood. There were some really good ones at Halloween. This would actually be a good neighborhood to go walking to look at lights, as long as it doesn't get icy. ;)

Lisa: I sure hope so. :)

We like 1 and 2, plus Rudolf and Scrooge from 1951.

Name That Christmas Song

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